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Learning Geography? Top Websites and Resources That Will Rock Your World

Learning Geography? Top Websites and Resources That Will Rock Your World

Did you know that Geography (from the Greek Geographia) literally translates to earth description? An apt translation, as the subject helps us to understand many facets of the world we live. Through learning geography, we can explore a variety of awesome natural and human occurrences on earth, from landscapes to populations and spatial analyses.

We want to help you discover more about our fascinating world. Whether you’re studying for you upcoming Geography exam, or want to know the names, flags and maps of every country on earth because you're interested in languages, we’ve got you covered in our ultimate list. What's more, you can use every resource included as a handy companion to your school education or geography tutoring.

We asked for recommendations for great resources, and collated the best of the best for adults, students and children alike. Take a look below for awesome geography websites, awe-inspiring videos, geography games for kids and adults, map games, books and much more! 

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Best Geography Websites and Podcasts

Best Geography Apps

Best Geography YouTube Channels

Best Children's Geography Books and Games 

Best Geography Books for All Ages

Best Geography Websites and Podcasts

80 Days, An Exploration Podcast 

Why we love the podcast

80 Days started as a mission to explore and illuminate little-known places across the globe, with learning as their primary motivation - as opposed to building an audience. 

With such great insight, an audience was always inevitable.Their following has grown massively, and they are now joined by people who are just as eager to learn about the world around them with the same shared curiosity. A podcast for geography novices, enthusiasts, and everyone in between

Atlas Obscura

Why we love Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura is a global community of adventurers, setting out to collate an extensive, but my no means exhaustive, database of the wold's most fascinating destinations and unseen wonders of the world. 

With over 13,000 contributions so far, the website is proving to be hugely popular amongst the current generation of millennial travellers on a mission to find more than just themselves. Indeed, you'll find more than just landmarks documented on the website, from interesting foods, to traditions and exciting events occurring across the globe. If you love all things geographical, you'll love this website! 

The Map Room

Why we love The Map Room

The Map Room is an insightful, and addictive, map blog covering everything from antique map collecting to the latest in geospatial technology.

Visit the blog

Directions Magazine

Why we love Directions Magazine

Directions Magazine has been a source for geospatial news and information for 20 years. Thanks to their knowledgeable staff on location, immersed in the industry, they are best placed to share insights on location thanks to our knowledgeable staff.

Their authors and presenters represent a wide range of geography and geospatial experts. Through articles, webinars, and social media, they are widely engaging, informing readers about the latest developments and inspiring them to solve global challenges using the state-of-the-art geospatial technology. What's more, all the content is free to the world!

Visit the website

Political Geography Now

Why we love Political Geography Now

Political Geography Now is a unique resource for anyone interested in the geography of the world’s countries and borders, both official and unofficial. Whether reporting on changes to the world political map or answering a juicy geography question, PolGeoNow articles always offer beautiful maps and concise explanations without the technical jargon. 

Their reporting is strictly politically-neutral, earning trust from professors, government agencies, and other professionals. PolGeoNow’s in-house maps are known around the web for their exceptional quality, and have been used by the likes of Bloomberg News, The Guardian, Stratford, and the International Crisis Group.

Visit the website

Kids World Travel Guide

Why we love Kids World Travel Guide

Kids World Travel Guide provides comprehensive and easy-to-read country facts and insights about famous landmarks, people and cultures, animals and attractions. The guide is used extensively in schools and education centres around the world. 

This unique e-learning platform has been created by teenagers who have a passion for geography and travel and is intended for children aged 8 to 15 years. Geography quizzes and writing competitions are hosted regularly and the site is updated continuously.

Visit the website

World Atlas

Why we love World Atlas

Since 1994, WorldAtlas having been providing the best geography content on the web, that is both factually accurate and engaging. You can still have a gander through original database of maps on the site, supported with fascinating charts, lists, graphs and tables that cover demography, economics, travel and much more! An indispensable geography resource for students and educators alike. 


Why we love Geographicus

Geographicus is the online arm of Geographicus Rare Antique Maps, rare map dealers based in Brooklyn, New York. While they are not precisely an academic resource, they do have high-resolution zoomable images as well as thoroughly researched and referenced descriptions of thousands of rare maps dating from the 1490s to the early 20th century. 

In addition, their blog has plenty of amazing content including rare maps and insightful posts about their origins. 

Arctic Adventures: All About Iceland

Why we love the blog

An awesome company recommended based on their expertise in wonderful adventure holidays. The Artic Family offers exciting experiences across Iceland, to give you a real taste for world geography beyond your run-of-the-mill holiday destinations. Their blog "All About Iceland" also provides great free and fascinating content to satisfy the needs of anyone lusting to travel, with little free time or savings! 

Isn't That Spatial Podcast

Why we love the podcast

As well as the very punny name of the podcast, we love that the shows make everyday geography updates and urbanism accessible to everyone. 


Why we love GeoLounge

Find up to date information about physical and human geography, including handy guides for studying geography and carving out a career in the field. 

Geography Education

Why we love Geography Education

A great resource hub supporting geography teachers, tutors and educators across the world with their learning support and planning. 

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Best Geography Apps

Volcanoes & Earthquakes

Why we love Volcanoes & Earthquakes by Volcano Discovery

This app is fast and precise, with a clear and simple layout. The simple design makes it easy to access the best geographical data fast, whilst not distracting with unnecessary graphic elements.

Volcanoes & Earthquakes shows the latest earthquakes across the world, their up-to-date news on a handy map, alongside "I-felt-it" reports that occur in near real-time.

Speed Geography

Why we love Speed Geography by Benoit Essiambre

Speed Geography is simple and straightforward yet fun and addictive way to learn geography through gameplay rather than studying textbooks. The arcade like pace and visual feedback makes it fun and exciting and the knowledge to be gained is vast given the easily accessible popups of wikipedia articles.

Download Now: Apple


Why we love GeoQuest by Komplex Apps

Geoquest has proven to be a great way to learn country facts, through its crafty usage of gamification and engaging animations. With over 10,000 questions spanning multiple categories, it is a great resource for test prep while on the go. Offline availability is tremendously useful to students using devices without data access. 

Download Now: Apple, Android

Where is that? Geography Quiz

Your new favourite app if you want to learn geography, play this game and find Countries, Capitals, Cities, States, Stadiums, Mountains and Skyscrapers all over the world.

We asked Jonathon, developer at Jaysquared, why he felt his app was recommended - we loved his answer! 
Before developing Where is that? I had a fair knowledge about the location of major countries and could tell the rough direction for most of the rest. Just using my app during development, I am now able to locate all of them. Well 90% of the time. And my users have the same experience. 

I regularly receive thank you emails from parents, because their kids started to enjoy learning geography with my app. Where is that? is one of the most versatile geography learning apps, covering countries, territories, capitals, federal states, cities and major landmarks."

GeoExpert Lite - World Geography

Why we love GeoExpert Lite by Educapix

GeoExpert is an educational tool in the form of a game, designed to help you learn all of the countries in the world (countries, territories, capitals, flags, rivers, mountains,…).

It is rigorously accurate, and maintained regularly so it is up-to-date with the latest information. It's unsurprising that it is used in throughout schools to teach geography.

Download Now: Apple, Android

Geography Quiz Game 3D

Why we love Geography Quiz Game 3D by Webelinx

Race around the world playing Geographical quizzes in different countries as you reach them. Compete against other players, answer testing questions and complete achievements with this playful picture quiz game. Uber fun for all! 

Geo Touch: Geography Game — US States & the World 4+

Why we love Geo Touch by Clever Dragons

Geo Touch has nearly a million downloads and hundreds of 5-star reviews, in short - because it works. An easy to use app, that doesn't bombard you with ads, and is super educational. 

Geo Touch takes a kinaesthetic approach to app learning, players place countries into a map like pieces in a puzzle. Players are allowed to review and have another go at the countries they missed until they master it... Download tonight, ace your exam tomorrow. 

Download Now: Apple

Volcano 360°

Why we love Volcano 360° by Air Pano

A truly captivating Volcanic experience - a unique interactive 360º photo and video of the Plosky Tolbachik volcano eruption, Kamchatka, Russia from December 2012 by the AirPano Team. Provides awesome insight for any geography case-study or project, and a great app to download if you're fascinated by natural hazards. 

World Citizen: Country, Capital & Flag Trivia

Why we love World Citizen Trivia by Lammar

Think you know your flags? Think again! This is the ultimate flag learning app, with puzzling quizzes that put your memory to the test!

Stack the Countries®

Why we love Stack the Countries® by Free Cloud Design

A dynamic game to help you study geographical locations, landmarks and capitals. Stack the Countries provides 193 country flash cards and colourful interactive maps of continents so you can revise your geography before you play! Happy mapping! 

Quake & Volcanoes: 3D Globe of Volcanic Eruptions

Why we love Quake & Volcanoes by SP Apps

A wonderful app if you're intrigued with volcanoes and earthquakes across the world. A great source of information for your upcoming Geography coursework or project, allowing you to see latest volcanic eruptions, and check awesome statistics about the ever-changing landscape of Earth. 

Flags and Capitals

Why we love Flags and Capitals by Xcentric Games

So you know your flags, now you just need to know where the country is in relation to you! Select a flag and see the capital city on a map, and how far away you are! What's more, Wikipedia info is just one tap away!

Download Now: Apple, Android

Geography Learning Trivia Quiz

Why we love Geography Learning Trivia Quiz

Enough Geography trivia to make up for any gaps in your knowledge of our fascinating world. You'll find a physical maps quiz, testing your world landmark mastery; countries and capitals quizzes; and an awesome flags quiz. 

Weather for the World

Why we love Weather for the World by ID Mobile

The weather is an intriguing phenomenon; it sculpts the landscape, paves the way for holidays, and decides the fate of living things on Earth. With this app, you can easily find a 10 day forecast for anywhere across the world, with regularly updated data 24/7. 

Countries of the World

Why we love Countries of the World by Socratica

Improve your geography knowledge with awesome facts about countries of the world, religions, GDPs, capitals, languages and much more! The quiz mode allows you to put your learning to the test, to see if you really know the world like you think you do! 

Physical Geography Quiz Game

Why we love Physical Geography Quiz Game by Quetzal

Challenge your friends, earn trophies and climb the leaderboards whilst testing your Geography skills. A simple, yet intuitive app without any unnecessary distractions! 


Why we love Volcano by Arbuz Games

You are a dormant volcano sleeping peacefully... until you wake up and see pollution destroying your planet! Save the earth by taking down your enemies with fireballs, beat your high scores and compete against your friends at the same time.


Why we love Glacier from Wgms

Your very own gateway to up-to-date monitoring data depicting the developments of glaciers across the world. Find out how glaciers are changing in size, length, volume and elevation for an eye-opening geographical experience. Photographs are regularly updated and give a graphical insight into each transformation. All in all, a great geography revision companion. 

Britannica Kids: Volcanoes

Why we love Britannica Kids: Volcanoes

This app is jam-packed with engaging information and games to teach children about volcanoes, living up to the Encyclopaedia Britannica name!

Wonders of Plant Life

Why we love Wonders of Plant Life by NAMOO 

An awesome scientific app for kids to get to discover the amazing life of plants. Through delightfully interactive graphics, explore the reasons why plants need roots, how leaves make food, and experiment with parts of a plant cell! 

Flipping Flags 

Why we love Flipping Flags by MmpApps

Multiple choice options and two difficulty settings make this flag app the perfect learning tool for beginners and experts a like! 

Download Now: Apple

Flags Fun 

Why we love Flags Fun by Lima Sky

Everyone loves a good deal, and this app is two super fun games in one! Uncover more flags and facts the more you play and learn whilst competing for cool achievements! One reviewer said it best, "What a cool idea. I love learning these new flags while keeping my memory in shape!"

Best Geography YouTube Channels

Scotland's Mountains

Why we love Scotland's Mountains

Adventure with Murray through the Scottish Mountains. Take in wondrous sunsets, virtually camp in the wild and follow his kayak along some of the most mesmerising waters you've ever seen. Whether you're subscribing to inspire a future trip to Scotland, or just want to escape your office desk, you've struck gold with Murray's videos. 

Sustainable Human

Why we love the Sustainable Human channel

You need to subscribe to this channel if you're like us here at Tutorful, and love challenging your current knowledge and are excited at the prospect of uncovering new information that could potentially change the way we live. This channel is dedicated to exploring and sharing these new ways of thinking.

A Level Revision - Geography 

Why we love A Level Revision's videos

Subscribe to the channel to broaden your knowledge for your upcoming A Level geography exams, with clear and concise tutorials and useful imagery to help you retain key information quickly and efficiently. 


Why we love MinuteEarth

Created by a team of creative science enthusiasts, MinuteEarth tells never before heard stories that'll help you piece together geography you already know, and correct the bits you thought you knew!

Urban Geography: Why We Live Where We Do

Why we love the video

"Rich Americans live in the Suburbs; Rich Europeans live downtown. Why do cities on the two continents have different structures?" A fascinating exploration of urban geography in the 21st century. 

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Best Children's Geography Books and Games 

Who Knows Where? The Global Location Guessing Board Game

Why we love the board game

A fabulous game for all the family about guessing where places are on a world map. With over 1000 questions spanning across 5 topics including cities and towns, capitals, famous events and iconic landmarks. With such a simple format, yet surprisingly addictive competitive structure, It's unsurprising this board game has won so many awards. Everyone guesses every question so no waiting for your turn.

Check out the game 

A River by Marc Martin

Why we love A River

A River by Marc Martin is a beautiful and deeply textured picture geography book following rivers to the ocean, with each new landscape explored through stunning illustrations. 

The river passes through landscapes of bustling cities to calm countryside fields, between hills and into the depths of the jungle. Students follow the girl’s journey recognising different ways people and animals live in and by the river across different civilisations, as well as how rivers change or impact the landscape. A River fosters discussion about the different environments, climates and ultimate course of a river in a stunning and poetic tale, perfect for 4-12 year olds.

World Map Jigsaw

Why we love World Map Jigsaw from Mulberry Bush

The World Map Jigsaw is great way to learn how our world pieces together. A detailed puzzle with countries shaded by continent, capitals and major cities, seas, major lakes and rivers, longitude and latitude lines, equator, tropics, arctic and Antarctic Circle all noted. With the added bonus of a promise from the manufacturer to replace any lost pieces! 

Check out the jigsaw

British Fossils Rocks & Minerals Box

Why we love British Fossils Rocks & Minerals Box from Fun Learning

Children will love examining this mini box of rocks and minerals. It comes filled with a variety stones, to treasure. Some have their unaltered textures, to show off their natural lustre, others have been tumbled and polished to bring out their colours. 

It’s a great introduction for children to some of our world’s natural resources and a springboard into both the geography of where these stones come from, and the processes of how they were formed. They might look like just some pretty rocks, but they can inspire and educate children!

Flags Of The World Educational Game

Why we love Flags Of The World Educational Game

An award-winning educational card game. Test your knowledge of flags of the world, learn about nations and geography - including all the independent countries of the world.  Contains 200 cards and a world map!  

The River: An Epic Journey to the Sea

Why we love the book

Follow the magical journey of a fish downriver as she swims towards the unknown. A truly beautiful book to treasure for years to come!

4M Volcano Making Kit from Fundamentally Children

Why we love 4M Volcano Making Kit

Volcanos are breathtaking natural phenomenas, and become even more exciting if you can reciprocate awesome lava flow in your own home or classroom. This cool science set shows you how to make a volcanic eruption, and gives you the tools to try it again and again! 

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Best Geography Books and Magazines for All Ages 

Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics

Why we love the book

A genius book helping you better understand relations between geography, history and politics and offer an essential insight into one of the major factors that determines world history - through maps! 

Population and Development: The Demographic Transition

Why we love the book

Population and Development is an expert guide on the demographic transition, from its origins in Enlightenment Europe through to the rest of the world. 

The Urban State of Mind: Meditations on the City

Why we love the eBook

A collection of 30 provocative essays examining, and often challenging, conventional wisdom thinking on, a host of critical urban policy areas ranging from brain drain to buying local to green industry to global urban soft power to innovation.

Geography: Ideas in Profile

Why we love Geography: Ideas in Profile

In this incisive introduction to the subject, Danny Dorling and Carl Lee reveal geography as a science which tackles all of the biggest issues that face us today, from globalisation to equality, from sustainability to population growth, from climate change to changing technology - and the complex interactions between them.

The Book of Tides

Why we love The Book of Tides

William Thomson tells the story of the sea, inspired by his own intrepid expeditions around Britain's enchanting coastline with his young family. A great book for anyone who wants to better understand how the tides affects our lives day to day. 

Geographical Magazine

Why we love Geographical Magazine

One of the largest geographical magazines in the UK, aptly named, is informative, authoritative and equipped to keep you up to date with culture, geography, wildlife, exploration insights and more! 

Rocks and Minerals in Thin Section, Second Edition: A Colour Atlas

Why we love Rocks and Minerals in Thin Section

This concise, clear and handy–sized volume, aimed at the undergraduate level, provides an introduction to the observation, description and identification in thin section, using the polarising microscope, of samples of the commonly occurring rocks and minerals. 

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If this article really did rock your world - here are some more amazing resources you might be interested in! 

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