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History Lovers: Awesome Websites and Resources To Cure Your Boredom

History Lovers: Awesome Websites and Resources To Cure Your Boredom

If you're craving something super interesting to cure all your dreaded moments of boredom, then look no further! Not only will these top history resources help all those twiddling-your-thumbs moments, but they'll make you feel like the most informed you ever! 

There are are many resources that will help you gain knowledge in history, but we wanted to find the very best! As well as discussion forums, where you can discuss history related topics with people having similar interests, we have found the best history (and some prehistoric) apps, websites, videos, podcasts and books to give you some smashing convo worthy content!

Why not book a couple of lessons with an expert history teacher near you to swat up on your history knowledge? On Tutorful you can read hundreds of reviews for fantastic tutors with years of experience teaching fascinating nuggets from the past!

If you know what you're looking for already, check out our handy links below:

Best Websites for History Lovers

Best Youtube Videos for History Lovers

Best Podcasts for History Lovers
Best Books for History Lovers

Best Apps for History Lovers

Ancient History Encyclopedia

Why we love the app by Ancient History: 

History is a vital aspect of the human condition; it shapes our identity and fosters a better understanding of the world we live in. Easy-to-read articles are regularly published on the app and website, and the editorial team ensure that they adhere to a high standard of academic excellence in line with curricula around the globe. 

Among students they surveyed, 84% claimed the app helped improve their academic performance and they inspired 80% readers to learn more about history. Ancient History Encyclopedia is a resource you can trust. 

Download now: Android

Visit the website


Why we love the app by Moiseum: 

DailyArt is a free iOS & Android mobile app which provides a daily dose of art in your pocket by showcasing one masterpiece a day with interesting background stories. It shows and describes wide ranging works, from various genres and times thereby triggering all your different emotional responses. DailyArt is your daily dose of history, beauty and inspiration - this is what art is all about! 

Check out their online magazine, it's pretty awesome too! 

Download now: Apple, Android


Why we love the app by Nexon:

DomiNations features content from every era and every part of the globe. Players can learn about the past by building famous monuments, learning from great leaders, exploring historic ports, deploying troops from all over the world, and engaging with thematic events.

 For those who want a deeper dive, every piece of content is accompanied by text explaining its historical significance.

Dinosaur 4D+

Why we love the app by Octagon Studio:

It's always exciting to visit the museums to see the awe-inspiring skeletons of these incredible reptiles, but have you ever seen one whole again? 

The Dinosaur 4D+ cards and app make it possible to revive these cool giants on the palm of your hand. Know the dinosaurs better through all the information and fun facts available, compare yourself against these ferocious beasts, and find out where their final resting place was using the app's global map!

Download Now: Apple, Android 

Dinosaurs and Ice Age Animals 

Why we love the app by Find Them All:

Younger kids will learn quickly to identify dinos and prehistoric animals (name, call, sounds and pictures) during a discovery phase which requires dexterity (scrolling, touch). All the apps are entirely spoken and multilingual with a lot of content (192 animals, 96 dinosaurs, 72 pets…), so they are well suited for 3-8 year olds!

Download Now: Apple, Android

Great Battles: Medieval THD

Why we love the app by Slitherine:

A game able to teach history. Instead of reading a book or watching a documentary, you can actually organise their camp and army during the 100 Years War and lead their soldiers into battle. 

The strategic map allows the player to choose where to move and attack the opponents, while the camp section lets you train and organise the army. When it’s time to deploy archers, swordsmen and knights, the player acts as their commander, moving the units across the battlefield and carefully selecting their tactics in order to try and win the battle. 


Why we love the app by Ancestry:

Discover where you came from through photos, stories, historical documents, and so much more. With the Ancestry app you can explore your family stories anytime, anywhere.

History Quiz

Why we love the app by Apprope:

This is one for all of you trying to wise up on you history knowledge, but think you know a thing or two already! The perfect classic history trivia quiz app for history buffs to keep your brain sharp! What's more, History Quiz is absolutely free to try!

History Today

Why we love the app by History Today:

History Today has been world's most respected history magazine for at least 60 years now! They've published the finest writing from leading historians, covering all periods, regions and themes. The new app has been completely rebuilt and is a joy to read on every device. 

World History Timeline

Why we love the app by HistoryApps:

Take a journey through the story of mankind and learn history like never before!

A fun and educational app that addresses key areas of the school history curriculum, although you definitely don't have to be at school to be obsessed this app (I'd know.) Taking you from the beginning of life on Earth through to the 20th century. 


Why we love the app by MyHeritage:

Create your family tree and add names, photos and facts. The app allows you to explore billions of global historical records and make fascinating discoveries about your ancestors!

Empire:Rome Rising 

Why we love the app by Feeling Touch:

Take a time capsule back to the age of the gallant Empire and rewrite the course of history. Join a powerful alliance and engage in real time combat. If you're an empire game lover, you really need to Empire: Rome Rising a go! Who says history can't be fun?

Age of Conquest IV

Why we love the app by Noble Master:

Age of Conquest is our go-to turn-based grand strategy war game. Command your armies in one of the many ancient and medieval countries including the Roman Empire, the Inca, France, Russia, Japan or the Chinese Dynasties.

Best Websites for History Lovers

Damn Interesting

Why we love the website:

At Damn Interesting, their goal is to find and tell interesting-yet-obscure true stories from history, science, and psychology. The distinction between 'interesting' and 'important' is key. Some stories are deemed 'important' because, for example, they describe pivotal events for our species and/or cultures. 

But a story becomes 'interesting' when it departs from the normal, and invites one to examine our lived experiences at arm's length. At the end of the day, we are all leathery sacks of meat just trying to preserve our genes; and some individuals go about that enterprise in ways that defy rational explanation. Interesting.

Medieval Histories 

Why we love the website:

Yesteryear, the world was different. Later, it changed and became ours. This perspective nudges us to imagine, how we might shift the sand on our shores and move into a distant and hopefully better future.“Medieval Histories” wishes to inspire time-travellers to ponder change and what brings it on. 

Medieval People, especially, had to figure out sustainable solutions to challenges such as climate change, migrations, globalisations, civil and religious wars, social tensions and injustice; as do we! Exploring Medieval History inspires us to find new solutions to old problems. This makes Medieval History relevant.

Tori Avey Recipes

Why we love the website:

Cooking is a way of communicating. Knowing the story behind the food– the ancient history, or the family history, or even the history of one particular ingredient– can infuse a dish with meaning. Since 2010, ToriAvey.com has shared hundreds of recipes with a focus on food history.

Creator Tori Avey is fascinated by the story of why we eat what we eat. Her website features recipes as well as historical anecdotes and facts about each dish and its main ingredients. Much thought and care is given to supporting details and finding credible sources.

World Turn'd Upside Down

Why we love the website:

"I think my website was recommended because I have a passion for history, teaching, and bringing families together."

The posts usually follows history through the hearth and home and many of the articles are about something most can relate to: food! The blog is informative as well as educational and includes lots of awesome pictures!

Historic UK

Why we love the website:

In addition to including all the usual yet fascinating facts relating to the history of this ‘green and pleasant land’, the Historic UK website also tells the stories that you wish your history teacher had taught you! Tales like the Bradford Sweets Poisoning of 1858, the great London Beer Tsunami of 1814 and the Crossword Panic of 1944. In addition, their selection of interactive maps allows our readers to explore such things as Castles of England and avoid lunchtime picnics on top of the many Plague Pits of London. 

On a daily basis, the team keep their 30,000+ Facebook followers informed about such important historic events as Kissing Friday.

How To Talk About Art History

Why we love the website:

How To Talk About Art History is an art history-themed blog run by art historian Ellen Oredsson. 

The aim of her posts is to answer every readers questions about art history, and make it more accessible to a broader audience.  As you’ll quickly realise, any question about art history will be answered, even if you’re embarrassed to ask it (especially if you’re embarrassed to ask it.) 

Learn about art historical topics as varied as depictions of hygiene in paintings, lesbianism in art history, and why old statues have such small... hands. 

Following Hadrian

Why we love the website:

Carole lives in Frankfurt, Germany. This fascinating blog is fuelled by her favourite hobby: travelling. Over the last 10 years, Carole has taken a huge interest in the history of the ancient world and has dedicated all her free time to this passion, sharing incredible facts and stories from all her journeys!

History Rhymes

Why we love the website:

At History Rhymes, the primary focus is to create and maintain a well-researched hub of historical information about the nineteenth century. The topics are diverse ranging from German royalty to the American Wild West to the development of democracy in Great Britain. Articles often include obscure or little-known facts and details that make them more informative and interesting.

The title, “History Rhymes”, comes from a quote often attributed to Mark Twain (but not proven). The quote goes as follows: “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”

Biography Online

Why we love the website:

Tejvan Pettinger is the author of this absorbing biography blog. He studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at university, specialising in British social history since 1870, international relations between the two world wars and political philosophy. It's safe to say that Tejvan knows his stuff!

The blog began through Tejvan's love for finding out about new inspiring people from history - check it out! 

Rare Cooking

Why we love the website:

“Cooking in the Archives” sets out to find, cook, and discuss recipes from cookery books published between the 17th and 19th century. We're so glad funding enabled Alyssa Connel and Marissa Nicosia to launch this awesome project in 2014. 

All That's Interesting 

Why we love the website:

An exciting hub of content for every curious mind. All That's Interesting is updated on a regular basis with historical features, fascinating facts, and thousands of unseen photos.

History Extra 

Why we love the website:

The official website for BBC History Magazine and BBC World Histories Magazine. Every word you read has strong research foundations, so you can trust it to support all your educational research and for history essay help!

History of the Ancient World

Why we love the website:

History is forever changing, moving and happening all around us. History of the Ancient world gives readers of all ages the opportunity to learn and experience everything interesting that is new in history.

Alpha History

Why we love the website:

This awesome website is jam-packed with free and low cost learning and teaching resources. Launched just 7 years ago, the Alpha History website the go-to free online textbook and resource centre for history teachers, tutors and students across the world!

Fun Factz

Why we love the website:

If you're looking for a plethora of historical facts, updated on a regular basis, then bookmark this handy website for whenever you're bored! 

Ordinary Times

Why we love the website:

Ordinary Times explores and illuminates culture. Here, you will find discussions of politics and law, art and sports, family and faith, laughter and grief, food and fiction.

"Among other things, we pride ourselves on the civility, inclusiveness, and intelligence of our commenting culture, the diversity of perspectives our contributors offer our readers, and the eclectic mix of topics discussed on these pages."


Why we love the website:

You'll find over 5,000 articles on the site, originally printed in one of the publishers many history magazines. The archives are full to the brim with awesome history content, so with one simple search, you're sure to find exactly what you need! 


Why we love the website:

Okay, this website isn't strictly dedicated to history, but you'll find an ever-expanding collection of quizzes on every topic imaginable. With historical content interwoven into many topics, you're sure to find something intriguing! 

World History Project

Why we love the website:

The World History Project is the first website enabling you to collaboratively record, discover and share history. We particularly love the "By Day" section of the website, that incorporates an easy to use calendar allowing you to explore many historical events that occurred on every day of the year.

Best Youtube Videos for History Lovers

History of the Entire World

Am impressive, hilarious and must-watch video covering the history of the entire world.

Watch the video

Simple History 

Why we love the videos:

The idea behind the channel is to explain history while making it fun, memorable and most importantly - visual with animation rather than just pictures from google images.

The channel also goes in depth on all kinds of aspects of history from around the world, from key events to technology and important figures while keeping the videos concise and to the point.

The proof is in the comments on the channel from "my teacher uses these videos in our class" or "your videos helped me get an A on my homework!"

Check it out


Why we love the videos:

Townsends looks at history a little differently than most. They are all about doing history. The team study history through food and other trades which connect us with the common person in the 18th century whilst remaining fun and humorous! 

Vintage Space

Why we love the videos:

Vintage Space is our favourite space history channel, narrated by one of our favourite space history nerds, Amy Shira Teitel. Weekly videos tell great stories about spaceflight history, with tonnes of content that you never knew you wanted to know!

Check it out

Epic History

Why we love the videos:

The channel transports history's most epic events right to your home! Explore giant conflicts like World War One to the true story behind legends like Blackbeard the pirate. The videos are creative, and brought alive with animated maps, images and carefully researched scripts.

Extra History 

Why we love the videos:

Join thousands of inquisitive minds on Extra History every Saturday to explore the little-known but dramatic and exciting adventures in world history! 

Best Podcasts for History Lovers

Stuff you Missed in History Class

Why we love the podcast:

Stuff You Missed in History Class is a twice-weekly history podcast with a bonus episode from the archive every Saturday. Episodes are about 30 minutes long, and most are suitable for all ages. Shows cover people and events that are often glossed over or left out of typical history classes, with special attention paid to women, people of colour, LGBTQIA people, and religious and ethnic minorities.

The British History Podcast 

Why we love the podcast:

The British History Podcast is a chronological account of the story of Britain. With the Ice Age at the beginning of the podcast, steadily moving forward in time ever since. Our personal favourite to date has got to be “What Not to Wear: In the Dark Ages," hilarious AND informative! 

Best Books for History Lovers

A History of Women in 100 Objects 

Why we love the book:

This profound book explores all the items that symbolise the journey of women from 2nd class citizens with no legal rights, no vote and no official status to the people they are today. And discover the objects that still oppress women, even now.

A Thyme and Place: Medieval Feasts and Recipes for the Modern Table

Why we love the book:

We thoroughly suggest you judge this book by its cover if you love food puns as much as we do. A time capsule to the Middle Ages, this book will help revive your inner period cook and perfect the art of gode cookery. History + food = a winning combo! 

A History of Food in 100 Recipes

Why we love the book:

An intriguing narrative history of food cleverly incorporated into 100 recipes, from ancient Egyptian bread to modernist cuisine.

Best History Toys and Games

History Heroes 

Why we love the game:

Every card tells the life and story of each History Hero, creatively portrayed through pictures and facts. 

The selection of the 40 Heroes in each theme in turn tells the story of how each theme – Explorers, Scientists, World War I, Sports – has developed through history. So, whether you choose to play competitively or enjoy reading peacefully and at your own pace, we believe each game will give you an engaging insight into the Heroes and their individual and collective history. 

Visit the website 

The Natural History Museum Dinosaur Torch and Projector

Why we love the toy:

Bring dinosaurs to life with this awesome prehistoric toy! Whether your 7 or 37, this toy is sure to brighten you up on a rainy day!

If you've exhausted this list and are still looking for more great history resources, or are looking to gain specific history knowledge for an exam or course work, we recommend looking for an online history tutor or an expert history tutor in your area. 

Are you still wanting to learn new things? Then we'd recommend a read of these articles!

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