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Whilst working as a teacher in Sheffield, Scott was often asked by parents of children in his class to recommend good tutors but, after taking a long time to search (and we mean a long time), found it was by no means an easy task! Discussing this with Mark, a Technology Analyst and long-time friend, the two struck upon the simple idea of a website that took the hassle out of his parents’ searches.

The two set about designing and creating a website that brought all of the best tutors to one place, without parents, or indeed any learners, having to pay large sums to tuition agencies, scour through endless message boards or worry about finding the right person for them.

was born

Our online platform allows you to connect directly with talented and trusted tutors, removes the hassle of dealing in cash, whilst, we believe, providing outstanding customer service. We constantly strive to ensure that everyone can have access to a first class tutor: any subject, any age, we have the right tutor for you.

So, let us help you find your perfect tutor

Tutorful was founded with the idea that there must be a better way for all, and that means tutors as well! Having worked as a tutor himself, Scott lead our team by collating the best resources out there, helping them to manage their diaries and offering first class training to ensure that they are the best tutors they can be.

Our Team

Scott Woddley

Scott Woodley


Scott is a qualified teacher, with a Masters in Law and a BA History degree. An idealist to the core, Scott always seeks to ‘make things better’ and perfect our service: hence our manic workload! He is a keen cyclist, runner and, generally, an avid sports enthusiast.

Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes


Mark has a Masters and degree in Engineering from Cambridge University and has since worked as a Technology Analyst for one of the largest investment companies in the country. He brings the business mind and technological know-how to our organisation, and, as the creative genius of our team, has an ardent passion for ensuring that Tutorful provides a smooth, slick platform for everyone. Mark loves climbing and can normally be found hanging off mountains in the Peak District.

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