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Insanely Awesome Science Websites and Resources That Will Blow Your Mind  ☄

Insanely Awesome Science Websites and Resources That Will Blow Your Mind ☄

Science explains the world around us. It allows us to invent, revolutionise and transform our futures. However, we've all felt like the world's changing at 1000 miles an hour, with no way to keep track of the progress we're making, new discoveries, and simple explanations of everyday occurrences. 

This is why we've found the best resources, aside from expert Science tutoring, for you to find out everything you need to know to improve your scientific knowledge and expand your mind.  We tried hundreds of recommended science resources and chose our favourite apps, videos, books, podcasts, websites and games that'll blow your mind! We've included science news, places to find cool science experiments, science revision videos, science toys, and games. 

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Best Science YouTube Channels

Best Science Websites and Podcasts

Best Science Apps

Best Science Toys and Games

Best Science Books

Best Science YouTube Channels

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell 

Why we love Kurzgesagt

Kurzgesagt explains complex topics from the fields of space, technology, biology, physics, and society in a simple, funny and accessible way.

Many people think learning is dull – Kurzgesagt would like to change that: Nothing is boring, you just have to tell a good story.

Check out the science videos

Sick Science

Why we love Sick Science

Spangler is probably best known for his Mentos and Diet Coke geyser experiment that went viral. A frequent on the Ellen DeGeneres show, he certainly has the prowess and expertise to show you all the most amazing science experiments for you to do at home. Go check out Sick Science! 

Check out the science videos

Nutrition Facts

Why we love Nutrition Facts

There are diets proven to not only prevent and treat but reverse our #1 killer, heart disease, along with other diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Yet doctors get little nutrition training in medical school, graduating without some of the most powerful tools available to stop these chronic diseases. 

Individuals who want to make healthier dietary choices are faced with a deluge of confusing nutritional advice. Nutrition Facts is so valuable because they present the results of the latest in peer-reviewed nutrition research, in a way that is easy to understand, with no corporate ads or sponsorship.

Check out the science videos

World Science Festival

Why we love the World Science Festival's videos

The World Science Festival gathers great minds in science and the arts to produce content that allows a broad general audience to engage with scientific discoveries. Their mission is to cultivate a general public informed by science, inspired by its wonder, convinced of its value, and prepared to engage with its implications for the future.

Check out the science videos

My GCSE Science

Why we love My GCSE Science

My GCSE Science is the UK’s leading source of premium video tutorials dedicated to the new 9-1 Science GCSEs. The teachers — all experienced subject specialists — have created concise, supportive video tutorials, which cover the entire specification, topic by topic, across Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. 

Watching videos is an enjoyable and effective way to learn and revise GCSE Science. We support students through the course so they’re confident and fully prepared for their exams.

Science Geeks

Why we love Science Geeks 

Science? Who cares? You should! Join the Science Geeks as Mark's genetically engineered Geeks sacrifice themselves in the name of secondary education. Ideal for revision flipped learning and education just for the fun of it. Informative revision videos galore for science fans young and old alike! 

Sally Le Page

Why we love Sally's videos

Sally is on a mission to bring science further into popular culture by producing engaging and often hilarious science videos to help you better understand why things happen. 

Home Science

Why we love Home Science

You’ll find a plethora of amazing science experiments, cool chemical reactions and optical illusions that'll make you question everything you thought was impossible! 

Check out the science experiment videos

Science Magazine Videos

Why we love Science Magazine's Videos

You'll find all the latest videos from the wonderful people at Science magazine, the world's leading platform for discovering cutting-edge research and cool science news. 

Check out the science news videos

Best Science Websites and Podcasts 

Frontiers for Young Minds

Why we love Frontiers for Young Minds

Frontiers for Young Minds is an open-access scientific journal with a twist! Instead of scientists completing the peer review process, they have an editorial board made of kids between the ages of 8 to 15 and it is up to them to provide feedback and explain to scientists how to best improve the articles before publication. 

This enables young people and scientists to work together to create articles that are both accurate and exciting. The team provides freely available scientific articles written by distinguished scientists that are shaped for younger audiences by the input of their own young peers. 

Visit the website


Why we love Slooh

Slooh offers a one-of-a-kind experience for students to learn to explore space. Their global telescope network provides real-time, live feeds of celestial objects that are accessible right from our website and the comfort of your home or classroom. Mobile telescopes in the classroom? Now that is out of this world!

Visit the website


Why we love Massive

Massive takes the science that's happening in academic journals and makes it easy for anyone to access and understand. A daily source for STEM stories that are both incredibly entertaining and utterly authoritative—that's because they're all written by real scientists, who have become great storytellers. 

Massive continues to add comments to their stories that have come from other scientists that help readers get a broader understanding of the topic. They have it possible for anyone to directly send their questions directly to a story's author. 

Visit the website

Science Toy Maker

Why we love Science Toy Maker

So much of science education on the internet is passive viewing - this website is far from it! When kids gather materials for a science project and struggle to transmute it into a creation that actually works, that's educational alchemy! It's even better when everyone of all ages can enjoy science in action!

The Naked Scientists Podcast 

Why we love the podcasts

Stripping Down Science: the multi-award-winning Naked Scientists Podcast comes to you from Cambridge University and delivers a weekly dose of the world's most important science news and breakthroughs. 

Delivered in a light and humorous style by a team of scientists and doctors, the content is hard-hitting, but suitable for all ages and refreshingly lacking in lab jargon. Nudity is not required... 

Check it out! 

Popular Science

Why we love Popular Science

The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces - Popular science is here to tell the stories of those making it possible.  

Cool Science Experiments

Why we love Cool Science Experiments

Cool Science Experiments HQ is designed to make science fun, easy to teach and exciting to learn. Each experiment contains an easy to follow video demonstration, printable instructions and an explanation of how it works. Because science is so visual, watching a video tutorial of an experiment is often more helpful than just reading about the experiment.

Planetary Society 

Why we love the Planetary Society

Bill Nye is on a mission to empower everyone, so we can collectively advance space exploration and the wonderful science that makes it possible. Browse the not-for-profit organization's featured projects, listen to Planetary TV and radio, and become a Space Advocate! 

Science News For Students

Why we love Science News for Students 

Science News for Students was born 15 years ago, and since then has won countless awards for it's dedication to providing age-appropriate, topical science news to learners, parents, and educators.

Astronomy Now

Why we love Astronomy Now

The website explores every fascinating facet of astronomy, from shiny new discoveries to latest news, features, and advice for those wanting to explore the night's sky for the first time. 

Cool Science Projects

Why we love Cool Science Projects

This website is great for those of you considering getting started with a science project, but just don't know where to start! You'll find a guide that walks you through the science experiment process, as well as great tips and ideas to get you started.

Check out the website


Why we love Robohub

From cool discoveries like new brain-computer interfaces that make us question whether Black Mirror is real, to expert opinions and mind-blowing podcasts and interviews, there's not one robotic stone left unturned on Robohub! 

Earth Times

Why we love Earth Times

Earth Times is an online newspaper that brings you all the latest information on our planet, and all ground-breaking environmental news as it happens. A great resource for Science students, or inquisitive minds on a quest to find out more about the Earth. 

IFL Science

Why we love IFL Science

These guys are here to give you a hefty dose of funny science you never knew you needed. Not only do the creative content team make science amusing, but they make the most complicated of theories completely accessible!

Teachers Try Science

Why we love Teachers Try Science

A fabulous hub of science resources, free engaging lessons, and strategies for teachers and tutors alike. Designed to keep students engaged with all this STEAM, teacher's can collaborate to find better ways to spark interests and improve their science lessons. 

Science Alert

Why we love Science Alert 

A team of scientists and content curators work to share the most inspiring news with the world through Science Alert. An easy to navigate website, with the research you can trust. 

Space Facts

Why we love Space Facts

An online fact frenzy with everything you wish you already knew about planets, galaxies and fascinating occurrences and discoveries in the solar system. 

Easy Science for Kids

Why we love Easy Science for Kids

The ultimate fun destination if you want to spend quality educational time with your children! It is a free teacher, tutor and parent resource where you can find free science worksheets and activities for little ones!

How Stuff Works

Why we love How Stuff Works

HowStuffWorks has quickly grown into an award-winning hub of fascinating, easy-to-understand answers to those burning questions about how the world actually works, along with awesome explanations. 

Think you know your stuff? They accept freelance writing too - why not give it a go! 

Space Daily

Why we love Space Daily

Your portal to the depths of the universe. With regular updates from Space Daily, the cosmos has never seemed so close to home!

Flipped Around Physics

Why we love Flipped Around Physics

Flipped around Physics produces worksheets that lead students through topics in a clear, step-by-step manner, covering the entire GCSE and A-level physics curriculum. Each worksheet is accompanied by the very best explanatory videos and instructional resources from around the web. 

Best Science Apps


Why we love Curiosity 

Why do people sneeze in sunlight? Why is a black hole called a "singularity"? Why aren't fish electrocuted when lightning hits the water? Curiosity answers the questions you never knew to ask and digs into the things you've always wondered about. 

With five new stories on a variety of topics every day (plus thousands more to discover), Curiosity helps people have fun learning about everything from the scientific and relatable to the awe-inspiring and downright weird. Count on us to explain even the densest subjects in a way that's entertaining, witty, and easy to understand.

Download Now: Apple, Android


Why we love Brilliant 

Brilliant kindles your curiosity through intriguing applications and illuminates the heart of math, science, and engineering: problem-solving. It's no secret that typical lectures lack motivating context, aren't designed for interactive exploration, and discourage failure. 

That's how Brilliant is different — it helps learners develop intellectual tools to engage in deep, active inquiry. No education can provide learners with all the formulas for the future. Instead of promoting the memorisation of formulas, Brilliant helps learners develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to approach new challenges with confidence.


Why we love Fractals from Pomegranate Apps

Fractals allows students to explore the wonderful world of fractals in an easy to use free app. One reviewer said it best:

"Awesome app, and an excellent way for secondary teachers to inspire and motivate students to explore and understand post-calculus topics!!!"

Download Now: Apple

Pocket Universe

Why we love Pocket Universe from Craic Design

Space is big, really big. You might think it's a long way to the chemists, but that's just peanuts to space. Pocket Universe brings it all right down to Earth and lets you hold it in your hand. 

Ever wondered what that bright star might be? Hold up your iPhone or iPad and see. It doesn't stop there though - using Augmented Reality you can bring the Solar System into your living room, or place it on your table. With Pocket Universe you can, well, put the Universe in your pocket.

Download Now: Apple

BioInteractive EarthViewer

Why we love BioInteractive EarthViewer 

Ever wondered what the Earth looked like a million years go? 100 million years? What about 1 billion years ago? Accurate, and regularly updated scientific data about our dynamic planet makes this app totally awesome for every inquisitive mind. 

Sky View

Why we love Sky View from Terminal Eleven

Simply point your device at the sky and SkyView will show you when and where the planets, the Sun, and the Moon will be at any time on any date. Constellations fade in and out as you explore the stars in the sky. Satellites are depicted in amazing graphics as they orbit the earth, including the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station.

Appy Geek - Tech News

Why we love Tech News from Appy Geek

Technology is taking over the world around us, and despite some resisting these advances - there are a fair few (including us) who revel in the latest tech news and developments. This app is here for you to stay up to date with all the latest gadgets, tech news and exciting advancements that could change our lives as we know them!

Chemical Substances: Chem-Quiz

Why we love this app from Asmolgam

It is a perfect app for every student preparing for chemistry classes, research or exams. The quiz is an added bonus, with spelling quizzes, flashcard, and timed questions. 

Anatomy 4D

Why we love Anatomy 4D from Daqri 

This free app is fantastic not only if you study biology, or teach it, but even if you have a basic interest in how the human body functions. You'll experience a complete and immersive 4D experience of human anatomy through visually stunning graphics that are totally interactive. 

Pocket Heart

Why we love Pocket Heart from Pocket Anatomy 

Pocket Heart is the most incredible 3D Beating Heart App. It makes us reevaluate what engaging medical education content truly is with its elegant design, interactive quizzes, clinical cases and over 30,000 words of learning material.

RoverCraft - Race Your Space Car

Why we love the app from Mobirate 

Okay, so this won't technically help you learn any new scientific knowledge - but it'll help you when you're brain is boggled from reading so much mind-blowing news. Why just learn about astronauts, when you can be one in your own living room? You're welcome. 

Science News & Discoveries 

Why we love Science News and Discoveries by News Fusion

You can be an expert on the Science world now too! Read new discoveries, research, interesting interviews and studies. You'll find everything you want to know (and much more) about the current science world brought to you in intuitive, easy to use app! 

Best Science Toys and Games

Experimake Science Sets from The Entertainer

Why we love Experimake Science Sets

Addo Experimake science sets have been designed by scientists to encourage learning through play. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education is important and each set will enable the development of at least two of these skills. The skills and knowledge gained are essential for children’s learning. Experimake sets not only support education but are fun and enjoyable for parents too.

Visit the website

Butterfly Garden with 3-5 LIVE Caterpillars

Why we love the Butterfly Garden

The Hungry Caterpillar has some serious competition with this awesome metamorphosis kit! Equally as fascinating for children and adults alike, watch an unforgettable display of the caterpillar's journey to a beautiful winged butterfly. 

A real life, rewarding science experiment that enables you to raise and feed your butterflies and then release them into the wild! For nearly 50 years, Insect Lore’s signature Live Butterfly Garden has brought science to life in countless homes and classrooms, allowing children to experience the miracle of metamorphosis.


Why we love Cubetto

Cubetto is the easiest way to bring coding to life in your early years' classroom.

1.Coding without the screenThe wooden robot turns coding into a tangible, age-appropriate experience that reduces screen-time, increases engagement and enhances learning.

2. Inclusive & gender-neutral: Coding with Cubetto happens with hands-on coding blocks, which means children can use it irrespective of reading ability or language barriers.

3. More learning, less prep: Cubetto works straight out of the box, with little to no prep or prior experience required to teach with it. As fun for educators as it is for students.

Visit the website

Trunkaroo STEAM Kits

Why we love Trunkaroo

"At Trunkaroo, we believe that children learn best in a hands-on manner - by creating, asking questions, exploring new ideas, and also having fun!"

Trunkaroo's mission is to use science and hands-on activities to inspire families and help children think of themselves as mini scientists, inventors, and explorers. Each kit is focused on “STEAM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths) topics, and is tested by real kids and approved by developmental experts. 

The kits are also gender-neutral, making them accessible for boys and girls (ages 3 to 8). Finally, the boxes include everything that you need, which makes it even easier for children to learn in a hassle-free, fun way. 

Check out the STEAM kits

AugmentifyIt: SPACE Augmented Reality (AR) Quiz Game

Why we love the game

Augmented reality is our new favourite way to bring learning to life. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) become more accessible than ever when you use the Space AR cards in conjunction with the free AugmentifyIt app. 

Explosive Experiments from Galt Toys

Why we love Explosive Experiments

A great science experiment kit for curious minds who love all things explosive! Watch as your very own volcano erupts right in front of your eyes, build and launch a rocket, and make your own slimy concoctions. 

Check out Explosive Experiments

Thames and Kosmos Electricity & Magnetism

Why we love Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity and magnetism are core topics in the school curriculum, but they can be fun to get hands-on with at home too! There are over 60 experiments included in this awesome set that teach about electricity and magnetism, and how they interact. Build series and parallel circuits to light up a bulb, experiment with switches and motors and much more! 

Best Science Books and Magazines

Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War 

Why we love the book

An award-winning book that explores the science behind the human decisions, inner battles, conflict, and resolutions surrounding the utterly bizarre and extreme circumstances of war.  

The Brain: The Story of You

Why we love the book from Canongate

Throughout his investigations, Eagleman helps us explore the inner workings of the brains behind extreme sports, genocide, and robotics. Prepare yourself for a whirlwind journey through the fascinating organ, and discover how billions of brain cells make you, you.

Mind Hacks

Why we love Mind Hacks

If you want to understand yourself a little better - why you do the things they do, make the decisions you make, exactly what makes you tick, then this book by Tom Stafford and Matt Webb is going to be your new fave. 

Atom Land

Why we love Atom Land

Award-winning physicist Jon Butterworth will guide you through a creative journey in the seemingly invisible world of particle physics. The wonderful metaphor makes Quantum Physics accessible and enthralling! Anything's easy when you know how...

Welcome to the Universe

Why we love the book

This New York Times bestseller covers everything you could possibly want to know about the cosmos. Planets, stars and black holes (to name just a few) are described in incredible detail, supported by insightful new research and discoveries in astrophysics.

New Scientist

Why we love the magazine 

The world's number one science and technology magazine, the go-to website for breaking news, mind-blowing scientific breakthroughs and exclusive life-changing content.

If your child loves science and wants to learn more, read our blog about reasons you should hire a science tutor!

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