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How to Become Fluent In French: The Ultimate Learning List For Beginners

How to Become Fluent In French: The Ultimate Learning List For Beginners

France, the largest country in the EU, is home to frogs legs, moules frites, the Mona Lisa and an actual law that it is illegal to have unlimited, self-service ketchup in French school cafeterias. 

A great country, culture, and home to one of the most studied languages in the world. Despite many children learning the basics of French in school, there are many more  English speakers who crave to learn French as opposed to their usual Franglais on trips to France. 

Besides learning 1 on 1 with a French Tutor, Tutorful have gathered or top recommended French learning resources to help you become fluent in the eloquent language. We've found a variety of styles of resources including the best French apps, books, websites, videos, toys and games to help you on your journey from James to Jacques in a matter of weeks. 

Bonne Lecture!

Know what you're looking for already? Check out our handy quick links!

Best Websites to Learn French
Best Apps to Learn French
Best YouTube Videos to Learn French
Best Books and AudioBooks to Learn French
Best Toys and Games to Learn French

We also spoke to some French language and culture experts in for their top tips to stay motivated whilst learning French. Check out what the French experts had to say at the end of the post...

Best Websites to Learn French

RFI Journal en Français Facile (Journal in French Easy)

Why we love RFI Journal en Français Facile:

As recommended by our expert Victoire, this is a great program from Radio France, which summarises a weeks worth of international news in French in 10 minutes. The host speaks slowly in simplified phrases. To understand words and concepts, a real news diary tells each event with its context, story and characters.

Visit the website

Easy Language Exchange

Why we love ELE:

One key factor that defines all language learners is passion. Easy Language Exchange shares every learners passion which is to achieve a goal and become fluent in your targeted language. 

ELE is a free platform for anyone around the globe to come and practice any language. Why not learn from the best, meet native speakers and fuel your passion together. 

Visit the website

French Together

Why we love French Together:

If you have ever spent hours repeating ‘it’s a green horse’ or ‘the cat is blue’, you will be delighted to know French Together focuses on the 20% of vocabulary and grammar used in 80% of everyday conversations to help students sound like locals not like dusty grammar books. This is true for both the paid course and the free blog.

Another key advantage is that the course and blog articles come with audio recorded by professional French voice actors. This audio even comes at slow and normal speed in the case of the course!


Why we love Kwiziq:

Kwiziq surveyed their users last year and found that they learned up to a staggering 10 times faster using Kwiziq . The platform truly makes language learning more efficient. Read their testimonials, they'll give you every reason to use the platform! 


Why we love Linguascope:

Linguascope is an award-winning website offering interactive resources in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Arabic, Welsh, Gaelic and English to match curriculum requirements. The content ranges from elementary to intermediate level. Organised in topic areas, the materials are presented via a host of immersive multimedia activities. 

The resources can be used on interactive whiteboards, individual computers or tablets. Unlike other language learning websites, Linguascope is specifically designed for students aged 6-16 (primary to GCSE). Over 80% of UK schools currently subscribe to it. With subscribers from most countries around the globe, Linguascope is it the world’s number one interactive language-learning platform for schools.

Mini French

Why we love Mini French:

Mini French is a growing organisation supporting families keen to introduce languages in the early years! They run engaging family sessions and have a suite of 6 CD's. 

Most parents now know of the benefits of foreign languages although many don't realise that they can start from birth regardless of their own level. Mini French can help.

The team recently launched a project building a database of 'bitesize' activities to do at home - accessed through their blog and Pinterest page. They have also released a music compilation and accompanying booklet downloaded via the website for home use.

Check out the website


Why we love SLImmersion:

SLImmersion, the French immersion in authentic French setting at the teacher's home.

Learn French on a truly exceptional immersion course where you stay with a French teacher and their family in their home in lovely France. Now, you have the opportunity to live the French life enjoying the food, discovering secret places – and learning French at the same time.

Learn French with Institut Européen de Français

Why we love Learn French:

Learn French in Montpellier with Institut Européen, one of the most dynamic French schools in France. French courses for adults, students and teachers.

They have been offering French courses in Montpellier for years with the highest possible quality, always with a focus on the students, to offer them a personalised, effective and fun teaching at the same time.

Check out the website

Comme Une Francaise 

Why we love Comme Une Francaise:

The ideal destination to learn to both speak real French, not textbook French, and understand French culture so you can cultivate your inner Gaulois(e). These are French lessons for francophiles that go far beyond anything you’ve learned in school!

French Crazy

Why we love French Crazy:

If you just love all things French, then French Crazy is the best place for you! The website was founded in 2011 and has evolved so much since then, but their mission has remained the same: share awesome information about France and its language. 

French Truly

Why we love French Truly:

Virgine is on hand to help you become a little bit French! Download her free 3 step mini course that will teach you how to incorporate Frenchness in your every day life - from language to culture and travel! 

Best Apps to Learn French


Why we love VocLab by L-Lingo:

VocLab contains more than 5000 French words in 50 different categories. Each word comes with a high quality audio recording.

The fun to use app is used by thousands of students and uses the spaced repetition algorithm. It utilises scientific and cognitive models to calculate the right time for your repetition so that you maximise your learning benefit.

The easy to use app follows the European Framework for Languages and contains all A1, A2, B1 and B2 words that you should know.

Download now: Apple, Android 


Why we love Drops:

Drops took a blank page, ignored all the old-school clichés and designed the learning flow to achieve an effortlessly playful experience. 

Vibrant colours, smooth transitions and minimalistic illustrations make every Drops-screen a miniature piece of art. These white silhouette illustrations not only look cool but also enhance learning effectiveness! The time pressure of a 5 minute limit further accelerates the pace and the bite-sized challenges ensures adrenaline filled ride throughout the whole session. It’s a delight for the short-attention span of our generation.

Download now: Apple, Android


Why we love Duolingo:

Duolingo is the world's most popular way to learn languages with over 200 million users. There are 23 languages to choose from in total, and it's super fun and absolutely free.

Download now: Apple, Android

Simply Learn French

Why we love Simply Learn French: 

This is our top pick that will help you learn French quickly if you have an upcoming visit to the other land of red, white and blue. The app is free and will enable you to learn quickly and effectively. All French phrases and words are presented to you in both phonetic and original. What's more, the French is written and recorded by a native speaker from France. 

Learn French Easy  

Why we love Learn French Easy from Le Bon Mot:

Beef up your vocabulary and grammar with this fun and innovative French language game! The e-learning app has been designed by language scientists from La Sorbonne University of Paris to optimise your learning curve, and to help you learn French quicker than ever!

French For Kids

Why we love French For Kids by Pili Pop:

Pili Pop Français helps your child learn French while having fun! Created by language experts, the app was described as a "remarkable educational initiative" by Apple and already helped more than 600 000 children to learn a foreign language!


We we love Learn French:

Despite the abundance of learning materials available online, most people find it hard to stick to courses in the long run. That's why Frantastique's unique artificial intelligence software is specifically designed to help learners to remember what they've learned and to stay motivated in the long-term. 

The lessons are short, funny and adapted to meet individuals learning needs and abilities - perfect for people with busy lives who find themselves quickly losing interest in other apps. 

French Grammar Free

Why we love French Grammar by Eltsoft:

Learn French through the six level French grammar school stages. The key to fluent French is great grammar. This is where these free grammar games come in. Spoken French requires vocabulary such as verbs and phrases. Luckily this free app has lots of these! French conversation is not magic, you need the basics, and this app has just the perfect amount of these.

French Words for Kids

Why we love French Words for Kids:

Learn how to pronounce French phonics and build 240 categorised French words. Each word is phonetically decomposed in phonics to understand how French words are built and pronounced. This app is even used in many French schools to learn to read!

Smart Speller French 

Why we love Smart Speller French from EduKidsApps:

Learning to spell in a different language has never been so enjoyable with the new Smart Speller French from EduKidsApps!

French Rhyming Poems For Kids

Why we love French Rhyming Poems for Kids from Digital Dividend:

This delightfully interactive app will help your children learn French poems. The application clearly introduces a variety of French rhymes, that will make speaking the language that little bit easier! 

French for Kids

Why we love French for Kids by AfrikaMob:

French for Kids is a french learning app for preschoolers or toddlers to learn numbers 0-10 , french alphabet from A to Z, shapes , colours and animal's names.

Their objective is to develop innovative methods of learning to promote academic success and develop children's autonomy.

LingLing Learn French

Why we love LingLing Learn French from Hepilabs:

20 times faster learning than traditional methods with 750 new words added each month. A database of 21.000+ Words in 3 difficulty levels, and still growing (1500 for free.) Already translated into 17 languages (English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, Tagalog, Hindu, Chinese, Ukrainian, Thai, Polish, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic)

LingosMio: Learn Languages

Why we love Learn Languages from LingosMio:

LingosMio is a language-learning platform where you can learn French fast and efficiently! If you've already tried learning French online and ended up disappointed with the result, look no further: start learning with LingosMio.

Kids Learn and Write French 

Why we love Kids Learn and Write French by Teachers Paradise:

Learn how to read and write in French while practicing handwriting will expanding your child's French vocabulary and alphabet knowledge. 

Begin your little learners handwriting fun with flashcards to help your child learn that A is for abeille and B is for ballon. Seeing and hearing the letter and image representing each letter will help your child learn their new language. Continue with four practice options that allow you to choose the level of difficulty. 

ABC Learn the French Alphabet

Why we love Learn the French Alphabet by A3B Game Lab:

The game teaches children to write numbers and the letters of the alphabet, whilst remaining captivating and intuitive!

The game represents a moment of discovery, exploration and stimulus: by playing every kid learns, expresses themselves, discovers new relationships and... grows!

Using particular exercises, the game teaches children to recognise and memorise the sound and shape of number and letters, working both visually and aurally!

French Flashcards for Kids

Why we love French Flashcards for Kids:

Building strong French vocabulary has never been so exciting for preschoolers and toddlers. EFlashApps Educational Baby Flash Cards in French features over 450 high quality images with text and voice overs. 

There are additional real sounds where applicable (such as a lion's roar or an ambulance siren) to enhance visual and auditory learning and memory simultaneously. 

Kids Educational Game 2

Why we love Kids Educational Game 2 Free from PrescAPPs:

This app is purpose-designed to be super easy for kids to use. It comprises 16 games to help children learn whilst having fun.The game can be played in many languages, including French. Although it is designed for children aged 4 to 7, it can also be played by all the family and is very useful for exercising the minds of the elderly. 

French in a Month

Why we love French in a Month by Learn Like Kids:

This app is the best method to nail the basis of the foreign language fast and effectively.  By learning the way children learn to speak, you'll pick up French far more efficiently. In a similar way, you'll link what you hear with what you see, and learn the meaning of each word or phrase, comparing the differences between actions or things. 

Learn French with EasyTalk

Why we love Learn French with EasyTalk:

This one of the most effective ways to speak and learn French. No drills or boring grammar. This innovative 'EasyTalk' method is so easy and so fast that you'll be speaking French within minutes – guaranteed

Best YouTube Videos to Learn French

Learn French With Alexa

Why we love Learn French With Alexa:

Alexa's videos are perfects for learners have a very short attention span! These kind of videos are perfect if you are after a 'quick fix' (a short lesson), and if you want to avoid being overwhelmed by a barrage of extra 'useless' informations.

The Travel Linguist

Why we love The Travel Linguist: 

Language learning should be fun and match your goals. Learn to speak up to 600 words and phrases in over 15 languages with the Travel Linguist. Visit www.travellinguist.com to download videos directly to your computer, iPhone, iPad, or other smartphone.


Why we love Fluenz:

The team at Fluenz work very hard to fulfil their ambition: design, build, and sell the world's best language learning programs.

Fluenz is driven by a love of languages, and is inspired by an ongoing revolution in the delivery of digital content. Every video pays attention to details, with a real dialogue with users, they worry about craftsmanship, and make the time to learn about learning. 

Check it out

Best Books and AudioBooks to Learn French 

French Today

Why we love French Today:

French Today's audiobooks offers a brand new approach: focus on conversation first.

Other methods focus on complex rules and conjugations when what you need to do first is develop your core structure, build good French pronunciation and useful real-world vocabulary.

Their method is also the only method recorded at 3 different speeds and developed around a real storyline to keep you interested. The French Today website and social media also feature daily French lessons and extensive articles on the French language and culture

Best Toys and Games to Learn French 

KLOO Games

Why we love KLOO games:

KLOO has turned learning a language into a game so that all you have to do is play – and the language comes naturally. Players score points by learning foreign words and by making foreign sentences as long as possible which with KLOO's unique game system is super easy. 

You can start playing KLOO as an absolute beginner - just be ready for how fast you pick up the language! Using proven Discovery Learning techniques, players effortlessly learn hundreds of words while the colour coded cards let players make tens of thousands of grammatically correct sentences in seconds. There's no work, no writing, no study - just play and you will be speaking a foreign language in seconds.

Check it out

Orchard Toys

Why we love Orchard Toys:

All Orchard Toys games and jigsaws are designed with education in mind. The team works with teachers, nursery professionals and children to ensure that each product maintains the perfect balance between educational benefits and play value. 

Their diverse product range covers key learning skills such as spelling, counting, shapes, colours and time telling, as well as more general skills such as turn taking, sharing and good manners. The French product range extends from educational skills to encourage the use of French and English language.

Check out the French toys and games

French Lotto Games with Flashcards - Little Linguist

Why we love French Lotto Games:

French Lotto Games with Flashcards provide a fun and engaging way for children to learn new French vocabulary with ease. Learning a new language is a very natural process for young children when introduced into daily activities, so this is a fantastic way to learn with minimal effort! The durable, laminated lotto boards and flashcards are available in a range of topics, with each game teaching around 12 new words.


Why we love French-Games.Net:

French Games is totally free and provides a full course of lessons, games, and the all important tests to help children and adults alike become great French speakers. All the French language has even been tailored to the UK French curriculum.

Can't keep up the language learning? You need expert motivation advice!

We spoke to French language and culture experts for their top tips to stay motivated whilst learning  French. Check out what they had to say...

Based on my experience, the best way to learn French or any other foreign language is to immerse yourself in the country.

Speaking and living with locals is the most rewarding life experience I ever had, because learning a language is more than knowing the words or the grammar! Being part of a culture gives you another perspective on life as at some point, it’s not about comparing differences anymore but about understanding and even, maybe, embracing them. 
Catherine Rochereul Paul - The Cross Border Blog (Difference between the American, German and French culture) 
Sometimes, quantity might not be the solution. I suggest little chunks either from exercises books or online. For example if you are learning about the 'present tense' in French, try to spend a fair amount of time on this particular point and apply what you learn with exercise books and/or with a native tutor.

Only when you are hundred per cent confident with the topic should you move to the next grammatical point. Finding a private tutor with whom you get on well will help you improve. The good thing is that you can ask them to work on your weaknesses.
Alexa - Learn French With Alexa
 It's all about practice and needing to use the language. I find it terribly difficult when I’m in the US to keep my French fluid and up to par, however when I’m there I focus immediately!

So go to France or any place where they speak French and use a French conversation group or even something like Franglais in Paris which has drinks parties and allows each native speaker to instruct the learner and then you switch so everyone has an equal opportunity to feel foolish!

How to stay motivated: Go to France….more! I conduct tours…..so come with me or go alone or with friends. Just get there!
Doni Belau - Girls Guide to Paris 
The top tip to improve your French is to make studying part of your daily routine. We believe that the brain is just like a muscle that you have to train regularly if you want to improve or even maintain its learning capacity. We can easily compare learning a language with enrolling for a gym membership. You will sometimes have moments of doubts or lose your motivation but if you stop working out, you will lose your muscles!

One good thing to do to accelerate the learning process is to surround yourself with French as much as possible: watch French movies and TV shows with English and then French subtitles. You can have a look at our Top 8 French TV Shows available on Netflix list. It’s also great to listen to French music or podcasts, read the news in French, etc. 
Victoire - Coucou French Classes
As for staying motivated while learning... TRAVEL! Travel is THE BEST way to learn. There's no better way to retain something like history than by finding its most interesting detail and exploring it through travel.

My nine year old has taken in so much since he was 4 just by traveling. He's explored Mayan culture and Mythology in Mexico, Viking history and Norse Mythology in Norway and so much more. If a nine-year-old can appreciate history and stay motivated, anyone can!
Christa Thompson - The Fairytale Traveler 

So there you have it! If you're still looking for more ways to learn French, we recommend finding an expert private French tutor in your area, or an online French tutor for even more convenience! 

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