25th July, 2019

How Much Does A French Tutor Cost?

By Hannah C

Are you looking to hire a French tutor for your child, but unsure how much a tutor costs? We’re here to help…

The average cost of a French tutor in the UK is £22.42, factoring in location and level of study. The most expensive French tutors can be found in London, costing you £58.28 on average. The cheapest are in Dundee at £17.79.

What are the French tutor prices near me?

City Average Hourly Cost (£)
London £58.28
Cambridge £24.71
Sunderland £23.87 
Oxford £23.81 
Peterborough £23.22 
Chester £22.57 
Derby £22.54 
Portsmouth £22.18 
Bristol  £21.52 
York £21.30 
Southampton £21.23 
Leicester £20.87 
Birmingham £20.79 
Edinburgh £20.69 
Coventry £20.69 
Nottingham £20.33 
Leeds £20.30 
Manchester  £20.20
Newcastle  £20.08 
Lincoln £19.89 

This table shows you where you are affects the price you’ll pay for a French tutor. These differences are generally due to the overall affluence of an area, and the demand for French tutors.

How much is a French tutor for each level of study?

Putting location aside, the other major factor when it comes to the cost of a French tutor is the level of study they’re teaching.

A-Level French, for example, will cost you more than Primary school level. This is because it requires more knowledge of the language.

Here’s how the level of study affects the cost of a French tutor:

  • Primary — £21.90
  • KS3 — £22.26
  • GCSE — £22.18
  • IB — £23.04
  • A-Level — £22.73

What factors affect the cost of a French tutor?

As well as location and level of study, there are some other factors that affect the cost. The most notable ones are certifications and tutoring experience.

A French tutor with a degree in the subject can justify charging more than someone who learnt to GCSE standard, due to their knowledge of the subject. Equally, a native French speaker will obviously have an even better command of the language, and so can charge higher rates.

More importantly, however, is the amount of teaching experience the tutor has. Tutoring isn’t just about helping your child with French, but also helping them develop a passion for learning.

An experienced tutor is able to convey that, and can also make your child feel more at-ease. This leads to a better learning environment.

Have you considered online French tutoring?

online french tutoring

Online tutoring is quickly becoming more and more popular with parents and kids alike. It offers a number of improvements over traditional in-person tutoring.

For parents, it removes the time and fuel costs involved with travelling. You no longer need to worry about getting your child to the tutor on time. It also means your tutor doesn’t have to travel to you, often resulting in cheaper tutoring.

For kids, it means they can learn in a place that they’re familiar and comfortable with. This increases their concentration and focus. Kids are also used to working with online platforms for learning, so online tutoring will come naturally to them.

Tutorful’s online platform has some great features, including video calling, screen sharing, and an interactive whiteboard. It makes learning fun, and more effective than ever.

Get a quote from a French tutor near you!

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