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Nathan W
Having a good music teacher is absolutely critical to how much you are going to enjoy the instrument. It is very clear when someone is only there for the money because they have no interest in how you are progressing as a student and they can sap the enthusiasm for learning an instrument right out of you (this has happened to me more than once.) Having had a few lessons with Nate I can confidently say that he is NOT like this and is in fact the best music teacher I have ever had. He clearly has a true love for the guitar and, more importantly (for a music teacher at least), wants to help other people realise that love as well. He goes out of his way to answer all my questions without a hint of frustration which I appreciate a huge amount. Anything I want to work on, he will help me with and provide me with materials to practise that I would never have found myself. I had hit a plateau in my guitar journey, and I was beginning to lose enthusiasm but since I started learning with Nate, it seems that I am improving exponentially and making genuine progress that I would not have been making otherwise. If I had to give some constructive criticism, I would say that he can sometimes talk very fast and branch off into lots of different topics too quickly but this honestly isn’t a bad thing because time is very limited so we do have to get through stuff as quickly as possible and I know that I can always ask him to slow down or re-explain something if I didn’t get it, something that I never dared to do with previous teachers, but Nate will gladly go back to it to ensure that I understood it before we move on. As long as it carries on like this, Nate is easily a five out of five stars teacher and I’ll carry on with the lessons as long as I can afford them!
Tim S - Newark, Nottinghamshire


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