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Jingyi H picture

Jingyi H

Mandarin tutor

Absolutely Brilliant, Thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. Would recommend.

Thomas C - London, Greater London
Jingyi H picture

Jingyi H

Mandarin tutor

Jingyi is an extremely professional tutor that takes into consideration the ability of the student when teaching. The lessons are very well constructed. The lessons are fun and entertaining, which is crucial to picking up new skills and learning.

Peter H - London, Greater London
Jingyi H picture

Jingyi H

Mandarin tutor

Jingyi is a very easygoing person. She is easy to talk to and she is really patient.

Paloma O - London, Greater London
Jingyi H picture

Jingyi H

Mandarin tutor

Very helpful, friendly, encouraging and experienced. Provided detailed feedback after the lesson.

Lyle W - London, Greater London
Antau Y picture

Antau Y

Mandarin tutor

Tutored my daughter with her A Level Maths. Satisfied and would recommend this tutor to our family and friends.

Kieran S - London, Greater London
Antau Y picture

Antau Y

Mandarin tutor

Antau tutors me for A level maths, but actually my interest are a little broader and more nuanced. I am a software engineer who struggled with GCSE maths nearly 30 years ago and suddenly I need an understanding of advanced concepts such as calculus and big O notation to earn a crust. Antau is a brilliant tutor. He is very gentle and patient. He is well organised. He is an absolute expert in maths, and has a natural talent for understanding it on a very deep level. He has an intuitive approach to helping the student solve problems, and the best thing is he helps you develop your own intuition for deconstucing problems. He can take a problem apart to its most simple parts using simple easy to understand concepts and help you build on it until you reach an advanced understanding. He can even take a simple subject beyond what is required for A level if that is what interests you. He listens to the students requirements and can tailor lessons to your individual needs, creatively making the lessons more interesting and challenging. Antau can involve you in the planning of upcoming sessions if that is what you want. Overall very happy and would recommend him to anyone wanting to take their maths up a gear or two.

James C - London, Greater London


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How have students rated the quality of online Mandarin tuition in Southwark?

Students in Southwark have rated the quality of their online Mandarin tuition 5.0 out of 5.

How much does an online Mandarin tutor cost in Southwark?

On average an online Mandarin tutor in Southwark costs £28.00.

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