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Summer is a Great Time to Invest in your Future

Our school system is designed to prepare students for tests, but it doesn't always succeed in preparing them properly for their adult life.

After GCSE or A-level, by the time summer arrives, you or your child have been studying hard for months and feel relieved to finally complete those tough exams. You’re finally free.

The days are warm and long. The last thing you may want to consider is further self-development. It is important to enjoy the summer and celebrate your hard work, but it’s also a really good idea to spend some of that time investing in your future.

With 98% of senior managers stating that young people should invest more time in developing their soft skills, devoting time to this can really give a young person a competitive


Also, with over a third (37%) of university students reporting issues with mental health and well-being in 2020, the more prepared and confident a young person can be before going to university, the better.

We spend weeks and months preparing for an exam or driving test, but increasingly employers and society are recognising that we need to better prepare teenagers with regards to key life skills.

Kate T

Kate T

22nd Jul 2022