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Awesome Conversation Topics and Discussion Questions

An intriguing topic is often the best way to get the family nattering after a long day, or a couple of pals speaking for the very first time.

With mobile phones becoming more and more embedded into our palms every day, we've put this comprehensive topic guide together to get kids and adults alike off their technology and encourage mindfulness and connections through good old-fashioned face-face conversation around the dinner table.

Every month, we ask our super talented tutors to sum up, "In a Nutshell", an awesome idea or mind-boggling concept to get you talking at the dinner table. The best entries every month will be featured in their own topic chapter.

Our In a Nutshell topics will expand your mind whilst the handy discussion questions will get your conversations flowing: win-win!

Chapter 1: The Origin of Japanese Kanji

Chapter 2: Quantum Physics in a nutshell

Chapter 3: Our smartphones are made of (dead) stars

Chapter 4: How do you know when it's going to stop raining

Chapter 5: How the voice works

Chapter 6: Circle of Fifths

Chapter 7: Romeo and Juliet in a nutshell

Chapter 8: How to pronounce the Spanish Ñ

Happy chatting! Check out our topics below.
Rachael Sprague

Rachael Sprague

25th Jul 2018