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How to Become Fluent: Learn German Fast With These Top Resources

How to Become Fluent: Learn German Fast With These Top Resources

Germany is the seventh most visited country in the world, with an average total of over 400 million visits every year.  Not only are people eager to sample a taste of German culture,  but take a leap into the German way of life for good. Interestingly, the country is also the 2nd most popular migration destination (after the United States.)

It'll come as no surprise then that the number of people seeking to learn more about this fascinating country has rocketed, with thousands of people seeking advice on how best to learn the language and this is what often leads people to Tutorful

We tried and tested hundreds of fabulous German language learning resources and collated our favourites just for you eager leaners!  We've found a variety of styles of resources from online german tuition and intuitive apps to creative books, engaging kids language learning games and podcasts. 

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Best Apps to Learn German

Best Books to Learn German

Best Kids Toys and Apps to Learn German

Best Podcasts, Videos and Websites to Learn German

Best Apps to Learn German

FluentU Language Apps

FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

Learning German is more fun with authentic content like Nutella commercials, YouTube videos and TED Talks. In the FluentU German video library, the videos are split into six difficulty levels, so you can choose videos that target the right vocabulary and grammar.

Each video has accurate subtitles in German, and if you want to learn more about a word you can click on it to see an in-context definition, image and multiple example sentences. Click again, and you can see how it's used in other videos across the site. Then simply tap “add” to save the word to your vocab list for later study.

Tutorful Favourite Feature

FluentU will keep track of your German progress and recommend new content based on what you already know and enjoy. It's a great way to get closer to authentic German!

Developer: FluentU


A beautifully simple concept: Read a story in German, click to get a translation, review the words you looked up and practice them in the same sentence. StoryPlanet is designed to support traditional lessons. Get one mini-chapter of a free story every day with WhatsApp! 

Everyone who signs up for the broadcast will receives a snippet of a short story every week day, which you can use to learn new vocabulary within the context of an entertaining story. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time. 

How do you register?

Save the “StoryCorner” number as a contact on your cell phone: +49 1575 8840 285

Send a message via WhatsApp with the word “German” for stories in German. Voila!

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Since everyone learns differently, StoryPlanet helps learners use their free time to learn in an entertaining and personalised way.

Learn German Quickly 

Learn German Quickly is fast, effective, and the ideal travel companion if you're not quite the language connoisseur you'd like to be. This intuitive learning app will not only help you learn German grammar, but it'll enable you to learn to speak confidently. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

With a simple interface and easy navigation, it can be your handy pocket-sized travel guide with the most frequently used phrases and words.

Developer: Altergyan

Innovative: Learn 34 Languages

Begin your language journey today and access hundreds of audio and video lessons. You'll be guided through each stage by real teachers, along with accompanying lesson notes, study tools and more cool features. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

From a company with 10 years of experience, you’ll be learning German with a time-tested and success driven system.

Developer: Innovative Language

Learn German - AccelaStudy®

If you haven't figured out the best way for you to learn a language, then that probably means you're not going about it the right way. This app just might get you on track to be as proficient in German as you dream to be. There's flash cards, audio quizzes, spaced repetition, and many more to suit a variety of learning styles. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

The hands-free mode is perfect if you're driving so you can learn without ever looking at your device!

Developer: Renkara

FluentU Language Apps

With FluentU's intuitive app, you'll be able to watch authentic German videos with awesome interactive captions. Every video has German subtitles along with English translations. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature 

If there's a German word you don't know, simply click to see in-context definitions and clear examples. Learn german with real world videos.

Developer: FluentU

Learn German by MindSnacks

Overcoming the tedium of mastering another language is a battle in itself. MindSnacks have somehow found a way to inject just the right about of fun to keep you captivated. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

The app is built around rich and engaging games so you'll find yourself choosing to learn German over playing [insert highly addictive game here.] 

Productivity at its finest! 

Developer: MindSnacks


Mondly is fun, fast, and built around cutting-edge research into what actually works. The app has been developed to get you talking new languages faster than anyone else. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

After just a few uses of the app you'll feel like you're well on the way to learning German fluently!

Check out Mondly

LearnGerman Phrasebook

Passport? Check! Sun glasses? Check! Phrasebook? Learn German Phrasebook is an easy to use mobile German Phrasebook that'll give you a good head start once you're in the country. Plus, there's no need to fork out on a paper guide that'll only end up taking up precious room in your luggage! 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Learn German is recorded by a native speaker, with authentic pronunciation and 300+ common words and phrases are included for free.

Developer: Codegent 

Learn and play. German 1000 words

The language learning game is split into several key stages to make the learning process super efficient. Three main components make up the app, each combining learning techniques applicable to various learning styles.

1. Reading and association: choosing the right word for the picture.

2. Visualisation: choosing the dynamic moving images for the words.

3. Spelling test: writing words and spell check.

Tutorful Favourite Feature

The high quality voice work by a native German speaker improves listening comprehension and allow concentrating on the training material.

Developer: DomoSOFT

German Verb Conjugator

Learning verbs in foreign languages isn't easy, which is why we are seeing more and more apps dedicated to revising verbs alone! If you're struggling with all the different tenses, this app will be perfect for you. You can view over 1500 german verbs in 16 tenses. 

Tutorful favourite feature

With simple navigation and built in search, you'll be able to find the verb you need in seconds.

Developer: iTipton

Learn German Vocabulary - 6,000 Words

If you feel like you've got your German grammar pretty much nailed down, but you still look at random objects and panic, then vocabulary apps are ideal. You can learn 6,000 different words along with corresponding images to illustrate them, phonetic transcriptions and pronunciation recordings by native speakers. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Vocabulary covers 15 thematic topics divided into 140 subtopics.

Developer: Fun Easy Learn 

German Dictionaries Bundle

Translate any word from German to English or Chinese and vice versa. Listen to the correct pronunciation of any word or expression with different accents.

Tutorful Favourite Feature

The dictionaries work offline, handy for travelling with no mobile data!

Developer: movin'App

Learn German Phrases | German Translator

Another fab travel app for your galavants around Deutschland! Ideally you listen to a phrase and repeat it, but if your accent is terrible, you can play the voice on the app to local German people like a waiter or shop assistant. The perfect way to reduce the dreaded Language barrier whilst travelling abroad! 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

No Internet connection required!

Developer: Bravolol

Learn German - 50languages

You'll find 100 expert lessons on the app, equipping you with basic vocabulary of the German language. If you're starting from a blank slate, you'll learn phrases that are applicable to real-world situations, as opposed to arbitrary strings of words that you probably wouldn't use day to day. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Delightfully intuitive! Once you've mastered German you can up the anti and begin learning even more languages from around the world.

Developer: 50languages

Beelinguapp: Learn Languages with Audio Books 

This is the ideal language app for book lovers. With Beelinguapp, you can read and listen to stories in different languages side by side. Learning a language through literature is proven to really help retention of key words and phrases. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

With this great app, you can read text and hear audio in the language you are learning, and read the same text in your language as a reference.

Developer: Beelinguapp

German English Dictionary

If you're part way through your German language education, you'll be needing a great German dictionary. This is the #1 German English Dictionary for Android. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

There's just so many! You'll love the comprehensive offline dictionary for when you're out and about, phrasebook, verb Conjugator and vocabulary quizzes.

Developer: VidaLingua

Download now: Android

Learn German

Whatever your native language, this app will help you learn German quickly and easily through matching photographs of objects with the correct translation. You can also practice spelling and pronunciation through interactive games and fun quizzes.

Tutorful favourite feature

A handy widget on for your phone's home screen will mean you'll be practising without even knowing it!

Developer: Rwabee

Best Books to Learn German

German for Dummies

If you're dying to learn German, but are short for time, this practical audio set is designed to help you learn quickly and easily at home or on your travels. From basic conversational vocabulary and expressions to grammar and greetings, you'll find it easy to grasp the essentials of the German language.

Tutorful Favourite Feature

You can follow along with the handy 96–page portable guide— filled with the words and phrases you'll hear on the CDs along with a mini dictionary.

Learn German With Stories: Café in Berlin - 10 Short Stories For Beginners 

"Newly arrived in Berlin, a young man from Sicily is thrown headlong into an unfamiliar urban lifestyle of unkempt bachelor pads, evanescent romances and cosmopolitan encounters of the strangest kind. How does he manage the new language? Will he find work?" 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

This book is great if you're wanting to experience daily life in the German capital through the eyes of a newcomer. You'll find out more about the country, those who live there, and improve your German effortlessly along the way.

The Big Yellow Book of German Verbs (Book w/CD-ROM)

The Big Yellow Book of German Verbs with handy CD is one of the most comprehensive resources available for learning and mastering German verbs. The book is designed for beginners through to relatively confident speakers. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

This indispensable guide will enable you to communicate on your travels to Germany with effortless ease!

Living German: A Grammar-Based Course (LL)

If you're the sort of person who finds understanding grammar easiest by reading passages, then this book is ideal for you! The content covers a variety of topics that you'll encounter in your day to day life in a simple, concise manner. The book is crammed with examples and explanations to illustrate how the language works and to build confidence. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Each section is designed to systematically enhance what you've previously learned and contains clear grammar explanations, vocabulary lists, reading material consisting of a story, dialogue or letter, questions for speaking practice and fun exercises.

Easy Learning German Complete Grammar, Verbs and Vocabulary (3 books in 1)

We all love freebies, so you'll be delighted to hear this handy guide is 3-in-1! Learn grammar, verbs and vocabulary, perfect for those with little knowledge of the language who need a clear and easy-to-understand German reference and revision guide. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

The perfect companion to German tuition as the grammar, verb and vocabulary sections have been designed for all those learning German at school, in an evening class, for work or for leisure.

Color & Learn Easy German Phrases for Kids 

Children's brains are highly active, so it is no surprise that they're able to learn so quickly and retain information. There are over 60 pages of wonderful illustrations to colour in to help retain the language lessons at the beginning of this German phrasebook. Simple concepts are taught, including basic vocabulary and numbers and colours. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

The book teaches many practical phrases, including greetings, directions, "I'm sorry," and other helpful expressions.

German for Beginners (Language for Beginners)

German for Beginners tackles many key topics, focussing on everyday situations that children might find themselves in whilst in Germany. Grammar is clearly explained, and puzzles give children plenty of opportunity to practice.

Tutorful Favourite Feature

The book is part of a series providing a thorough foundation in highly useful language skills.

Breakthrough German

A fantastic course written for newbies to the German language to cover all their travelling needs. With authentic dialogue, grammar, vocabulary and exercises you won't be left in the lurch struggling what to say. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

The book also includes information about the customs and culture of the country.

Enjoy German

Once you've finished Enjoy German you'll feel significantly more confident in understanding the spoken and written language. You'll even learn the skills to communicate with German speakers, both in conversation and in writing. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

This book will take you to a solid intermediate level!

Learn German in a Hurry

Booked a last minute trip to Berlin? Want to be able to ask for a cup of coffee without making the naive assumption that everyone knows how to speak English? Learn German in a Hurry will be your holy grail. It'll teach you all you need for trips to Deutschland, offering you commonly used German phrases, pronunciations and conjugations. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

We know you'll love the helpful German-English and English-German dictionaries.

The Toddler's Handbook: With over 100 Words That Every Kid Should Know: English/German

Our top pick for tots, The Toddler's Handbook introduces 17 basic topics and concepts in English and German. There's everything you'd expect, including colours, numbers, shapes, sizes, ABCs, animals, opposites, sounds, actions, sports, food, tableware, clothes, engines, emotions, body, and time.

Tutorful Favourite Feature

It enables you to teach your child German at the optimal stage of their brain development.

Talk German Grammar 

This book incorporates the successful principles of the Talk learning method. It makes grammar easy to grasp, and breaks it down so you truly understand the reasoning. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Talk German Grammar guides you through all the key structures of German in a way that’s very easy to follow, even if you lack experience with often complicated grammar terminology

Best Kids Toys and Apps to Learn German

Hey Monster! German for Kids

Hey Monster! is a great kids learning app developed by teachers. The free interactive German program is ideal for children 4 to 8, whereby children learn by creating their own characters and building their own story worlds. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

There are 10 animated interactive stories with amusing songs and exciting games that teach children German in the most beautifully creative way imaginable.

Developer: TechSpaghetti 

German Learning For Kids

This app teaches kids the essentials of German through fun and games; the key to success in a child's learning app! Creative number, letters and object games will keep your little one engaged for hours on end.

Tutorful Favourite Feature

The app contains absolutely no ads, aiding concentration and reducing distraction.

Developer: Marlu Studio

Learn German free for beginners: kids & adults 

There are 36 topics and 3 levels in this intuitive German language app. For beginners, you'll find the alphabet, verbs, numbers, colours, food, and all the other need to know basics of the language. At an intermediate level, you'll be introduced to slightly more advance vocab from days of the week to animals - leading on to more advanced conversational topics at an advanced level. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

The app comes with great native German pronunciation!

Developer: Gonliapps 

BrainBox - Lets Learn German

The role of language in the National Curriculum has been increasing at a steady rate over the past few years. Starting your child on the language learning journey early has therefore never been so important. 

Each of the cards in this creative toy shows a scene with words in both German and English. The reverse of each card has two levels of questions. Bilingual captions and questions at two levels make this a great game for beginners and more experienced German speakers alike. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

The game improves observation and memory skills as well as introducing crucial German vocabulary.

Laugh & Learn Laptop (German/English) 

The Laugh & Learn German and English bilingual Laptop is great byte size fun for your children! When your toddler pushes any button, they are greeted with words, songs and sound effects while the screen displays corresponding images. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Proven to be of the best ways for toddlers to learn language!

German for Kids Deluxe Set

Language toys for kids are undoubtedly the best way to keep children engaged with learning. Dino Lingo German for Kids is a German language learning set where cartoon dinosaurs introduce the most common 200 words and phrases. This German deluxe set includes 6 DVDs, 150 flashcards, 12 posters, a vocabulary book, a colouring book and a parents guide!

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Learning with dinosaurs... what could be more fun?

Magnetic First German Words

These fantastic magnets make learning fun, as well as incorporating learning into every day life in the kitchen. Encourage your child to read, write and speak German with this basic vocabulary set. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

These are ideal for at home or school and are chunky enough little fingers to grasp. 

Yo-Yee Education German Flashcards 

The team at Yo-Yee design flashcards for children to learn and study language vocabulary and pronunciation through a fun and engaging method. The images on the cards are high quality, the cards are easily cleanable and they won't crease after lots of fiddling!

Tutorful Favourite Feature

A super versatile product! These are perfect for teachers, parents, nursery schools, and children with learning disabilities. 

Best Podcasts, Videos and Websites to Learn German 

Learn German With Anja

Starting to learn a new language can be a lonely endeavour. With so much to read and learn, the daunting nature can result in many people giving up without giving different resources the chance. 

Learning German with Anja is truly revolutionary. You'll feel like you have someone else supporting you every step of the way. Learn basic German sentences in a personable way, whilst having the opportunity to read fun stories about Anja's life at the same time!

Tutorful favourite feature 

All Anja's videos are free on youtube!

Creative Language Learning Podcast

Kerstin is a German teacher, who is joined by many inspiring guests on her language podcast. Her conversations are delightfully captivating as she explores many topics, and keeps it current with top language news. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

At the end of every podcast, Kerstin offers up three tips, asking the guest to pick their favourite.

Your Daily German

"I do love languages, German and explaining things," says Emmanuel, 35, founder of Your Daily German. His online course is engaging, well-written, and of course contains everything you need to know to grasp the German language. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

You can tell Emmanuel has a great sense of humour from his writing style, which certainly helps if you are easily distracted. 

Learn German Easily Created by Lucas Kern

With Lucas' creative free email course you'll learn 7 important language rules and the storytelling method (TPRS method). This opens up your mind to think in German - exactly what you need if you want to speak German fluently! 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

His twitter is great too! Lucas tweets in German and gives the English translation just 5 minutes later!

Flash Card Machine

Flash Card Machine Flashcards are a great tool for students and tutors alike. If you're a tutor or teacher, you can use this free service to create web-based study flashcards that you can share with students - perfect for homework or to top up vocabulary knowledge. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

With over 119 million flash cards created to-date, Flashcard Machine should be one of your go-to online study tools.


FlashDecks is one of the easiest, and most intuitive, flashcard websites there is. Teachers and tutors can easily create flashcards and share them with students or colleagues. Alternatively, if you're an independent German language learner you can create and share your flash cards with social language groups and the world. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Its as easy as importing a spreadsheet, or an export from an existing flashcard deck.


Join the StudyStack community who have crated millions of flashcards to date, use dozens of different activities and games with each flashcard set, review anytime, anywhere, online or with printed cards. For each set of flashcards entered, the StudyStack website generates over a dozen ways for users to study the information they need to learn. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

The variety of study activities enables users to memorise data quickly without getting bored from using a single method of study.

Earworms German Rapid German Podcast

You'll find learning through music is possibly one of the most effortless and enjoyable ways of learning. A genius name for a website, the term Earworms was coined based on those songs you only need to hear a few times for it to get stuck in your head. Earworms mbt® Rapid Languages puts the words and phrases you need not just on the tip of your tongue, it transports them deep into your memory, ready for instant recall. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

Take it to bed with you! You can listen to the music filled with rhythmic repetitions a few times and you'll subconsciously acquire knowledge of verbs, nouns and connecting words, all the while picking up the correct accent. 

Learn A Language.com

Learn German language courses are free, complete with interactive lessons, games and activities. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

That's right, learn German free online with awesome German lessons! 

Transparent Language

The team at Transparent Language treat language learning seriously. They have made it their mission to train language faster with reliable results. Public libraries, universities and and business executives have all turned to Transparent Language for their language-learning requirements. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

The perfect platform for thriving businesses looking to offer German language lessons to employees.

WordReference Language Forum

Learning German grammar and vocabulary can only take you so far. The Word Reference language forum is a community of thousands of eager language enthusiasts on similar journeys to get that little bit better acquainted with German. 

Tutorful Favourite Feature

A community of learners is ideal as you can ask questions, get an insight into German culture, and query about language in context.  

There you have it! We hope this list has you covered, and you're soon well on the way to becoming a fluent German speaker! However, if you're still looking for extra help, your best route to ace the language could be to find an expert online German language tutor.

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Rachael S

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