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Lucía F

5 (2 reviews)

My name is Lucía.
I really love teaching my language and helping my students know some aspects about my culture. I am a Spanish native speaker.
I have a PhD in Spanish Language and its Literatures from the Complutense University of Madrid. My thesis 'Bilingualism in secondary education in Madrid: Spanish-English' has analysed how this program makes students improve their English as a second language skills and their Spanish as their native language.
I passed the Certificate of Advanced English Curriculum issued by the Government of the Community of Madrid.
In 2012/2013 I did a Master's degree in Spanish as a Second Language at the Complutense University of Madrid which made me improve my academic discourse and I specialized teaching Spanish as a second language. The Master's program included teaching practice with UCM Erasmus students and a research project, which consisted of carrying out an investigation as well as defending my thesis ('How to express feelings in Spanish: Contrastive study Spanish- English').
From July 2009 to September 2009, I completed a teacher-trainig course at Camilo José Cela University 'Certificate of Pedagogic Skills'.
In July 2009, I graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid with a Bachelor's degree in English Philology, which is based on linguistics, literature and language. It combined subjects taught in English and Spanish.
I have been working for the last eight years as an English teacher, both at three academies and five high-schools in Madrid. In this period I have taught my students, among some other skills, writing and speaking English commands. I think it is important to practice with production skills to improve a new language.
In my experience as a teacher, I have also taught Spanish as a second language to international students (i.e. Germany, Norway, Canada, USA, Italy...). Their level was different each time, from A1 to C1 in the Commmon European Framework of Reference for Languages. With these students I have also practiced writing skills in Spanish using different models to reproduce them with the students own information. Fortunately, I have had the possibility to work with new technologies, such as a digital whiteboard and an internet connection in the classroom, which helps to make lessons more attractive for the students. It was such a great experience.
I truly enjoy teaching. It allows me grow culturally, intellectually, but most importantly, allows me to transmit this motivation to my students, giving them the opportunity to learn and embrace a new language and culture. Having travelled to many countries around Europe, Asia and North America, I have gained a broad perspective on life, and created a greater understanding of different languages and cultures. I am organized, enthusiastic, very social and confident in dealing with people, a quick learner and always seeking to help out as much as possible.
You will find that my leadership abilities, my warm, friendly and fun personality along with my previous experience will make me an effective teacher.


5 (2 reviews)
Nick C

Lucía is a great tutor to have and I cannot recommend her enough. I have had 8 lessons with her so far and find her teaching methods both easy to enjoy but firm enough to progress considerably after each lesson. The time absolutely flies and she is very considerate to arrive promptly to every lesson. She will add relevance to each lesson, with interesting stories from her home city of Madrid. Overall, a great tutor! Gracias Lucía!

Leigh H

Lucia is an excellent tutor. She is well prepared, very patient (an important quality) and a nice person to spend time with during the lessons. I would definitely recommend.

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