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Alexei C

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Newcastle upon Tyne


My name is Alexei and I'm an arts tutor here in Newcastle. I graduated with a First Class Honours in Popular & Contemporary Music at Newcastle University, and a Merit in my Masters studying Creative Arts Practice. I'm a performer with 15 years of guitar and songwriting practice, spanning many diverse styles from salsa to psychedelia. I'm also a visual artist, with experience in drawing and video/image editing. I'd love to pass on what I've learnt in any of these fields- I've also been able to help students with additional needs such as 'performance skills' or managing 'stage confidence.'

My knowledge is partially practical/self-taught, partially academic/theoretical- everybody is looking for a different amount of each, and this base sets me up well for tailoring lessons on an individual basis. My main goal is to get students seeing some satisfying development as quickly as possible- and get you excited about making music and art!

I've been composing and producing songs for many years now, and I have a strong understanding of all the studio skills and equipment required to commit your ideas to a recording. I believe that for anyone keen to learn about music, this is something you should look into! My preferred program is FL Studio, should that interest anyone, and I have experience in several other platforms.

I want to help my students put on gigs and collaborate, and get involved with the wider creative community- these are all things I have experience in. I want my students to find their own place within this community. I can provide all required equipment, but really you need to have your own stuff if you're serious about this. Come on now!

For anyone looking to learn purely for the joy of it, I am without doubt the most fun tutor you will be able to find. I promise.

Please DO enquire if you think you might be interested in learning with me! I'd love to see if we can work out a teaching arrangement that will suit us both



5 (1 reviews)
Tom M

Really helpful, laid back and informative lessons. Already started seeing the benefits in my playing and I only wish I'd started meeting for lessons earlier

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