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Hiba S

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Hello (مرحباً). My name is Hiba Ali Shaher. I am an enthusiastic Arabic teacher. I teach this subject as a second language. I can take you through all the basics including letters, pronunciation, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar. I am a native Arabic speaker and have studied in Arabic schools for 13 years thus am well conversed with the language. I have previous teaching experience as I gave lessons for children aged 4 to age 10 for 2 years. I believe the key to good tutoring is patience, communication and repetition as well as making the lesson as relatable as possible to the tutee, and practising with the students. I have many exercise books for beginners that will help facilitate the learning process and help you achieve a good conversational and written level with the language.


5 (1 reviews)
Jill J

Hiba is a lovely young lady. She is very patient and is always very well prepared for the lessons. So far so good!

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