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Glefenina H

5 (4 reviews)

I have 8 years of teaching experience. I taught business-related modules in a private institution in Singapore for 4 years then I moved to China where I taught Business Studies and Computing in Guangxi University for Nationalities. Furthermore, I taught Business Studies, Maths, Advanced Placement Economics, and Computing in GAC Centres located in Qinghuangdao No. 1 High School and Liyang High School.

I do my work with passion and dedication. I worked extra hours to assist my students with their work especially with their assessments. When preparing for my lessons, I didn't just follow what was in the student manual, I customised my lessons by adding games and other materials that would help my students better understand each lesson. Also, I went extra mile to help one of my students to get an advanced university credit by giving her Advanced Placement Microeconomics lessons and exercises in preparation for her exam.


5 (4 reviews)
Andree S

Nina has a calm, engaging and very positive manner with my son
He looks forward to his lessons with her even though this is his least liked subject. I am really impressed with her preparation, approach and professional manner when tutoring. He has adopted a new positive approach to Maths thanks to her support.

Connie G

We are really pleased to have found Nina. She has been helping our 12 year old son improve is maths for a few weeks after he was struggling at school. She is patient with him and spends time explaining things to him. Our son is no longer scared of maths and we are hopeful his school work will start to improve in his return to school.

Clare M

Glefenina is doing very well with Oliver we're very happy we chose her, she is a lovely very polite easy to talk to young lady

Debbie B

Nina is fantastic. My son has only had a few sessions so far, preparing for his GCSE maths, and he already feels so much more confident in areas that he was struggling with. I am so pleased that Nina is tutoring my son.

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