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Judy S


I have always loved French and have a natural flair and feel for it, so, naturally, I went on to study it at University. My particular course gave me the opportunity to work in both France and Switzerland so I got to experience how people really work and live in both these places. I also travelled widely during my placements to experience the culture and understand the identity of the locals.
My family and I have now returned to the UK after more than 12 years of living and working in Paris. In fact, both my children were born in Paris. I am keen to maintain their level in French so regularly tutor my daughter in particular as she is the elder one and had spent five years in a French school. We are indeed still in contact with some of our French friends and we have relatives living in the South, so seize every opportunity we can to go back!
I am now keen to share my passion for all things French - it really is a beautiful (and useful) language to have.

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