Over 40,000hrs Tuition Given Since 1997!

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Mark E

5 (6 reviews)

Over 40,000 hours of maths tuition given since 1997!

Currently a full time maths tutor as well as being maths consultant for Arsenal FC, in their Community Education programme.

I have been a full time maths tutor, since 1997, in Maths iGCSE, GCSE, AS and A2, Core Maths (C1, C2, C3 & C4), Mechanics, Statistics.

“How can we ever thank you for teaching in a away that our daughter could relate to and understand. What used to be a subject to be endured, is now enjoyed so much so that she wants to take Maths as an A Level!” – M. Robinson, UK

"He helped me actually understand maths for once!” - FH

I began tutoring in Richmond Upon Thames in 1997, before emigrating to Vancouver, Canada in 2005, started tutoring Canadian students, along with iGCSE students and continued tutoring UK based students online. I returned to the UK in 2010.

(Recently discovered I've passed 30,000 hours tuition given over the past 19 years, which according to Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Outliers, apparently makes me some kind of expert! Maybe I should add that to my business cards....)

My degree is in physics and maths, with astrology. Yep, you read that right! It's a long story....

More Testimonials;

“Mark, We are proud to inform you that Ethan achieved an A* in his maths iGCSE exam. I have no doubt that the work you did with Ethan over the past year had a meaningful impact on this result. Thank you so much! Looking forward to you helping with Ethan's Pre-U (A level) maths over the next 2 years.” - A. Archer

“Constance has her place to do an Msc In Zoology! You managed to get her AS Maths grade up to an A! Many thanks, Mark!” – Dr Lynch

“Hi Mark. Just thought I’d let you know that I achieved an A for my GCSE Maths! Thank you very much! I would like to thank you because without your help, I highly doubt I would have got an A!” – T. Craston

“Hi Mark. Just letting you know I got an A in my maths! Thanks you for all your help!” - J. Bruce

“Thank you for all your help! You were such a help and saved me from total meltdown! I couldn’t have done it without you, I was literally on track for an E with my lack of confidence. I’m forever grateful to you Mark!” – Harry Roffey, Ticehurst, UK

“Hi Mark. Charlie got an A in Maths and and an A in her Physics! Thanks for all your input and support.” - F. Collins

“Hi Mark! I heard mum told you about my A!! I can't believe it! I got 98/100 in my explaining motion exam! And an A in maths! Thanks so much for all of your help.” – C. Collins

“Carys did it! You have given her confidence again! Thank you Mark, we would recommend you to anyone! You have been brilliant with Cary's from day one. Thank you so much!” - S.Glanville

“Hi Mark. Fenella got a her B in Physics! She wouldn’t have done it without you. Thank you, thanks you!” – S, UK

“I got it! GCSE Maths, at last! About time, thank you very, very much, Mark!” – O. Grady

“A sincere thank you for all your efforts with Bel, giving her the tools she needs. She has said that maths no longer scares her and she doesn't feel sick or like giving up in lessons which is high praise indeed coming from her. That is exactly how I used to feel in classes. There was only ever one teacher who made things crystal clear for me - thank you for doing this for Bel. I am sure it is the foundation for learning that was sadly lacking all these years. Its been a joy meeting you.” - D. Kusidali


5 (6 reviews)
Jo W

Mark is friendly and has really boosted my daughters confidence in maths after 2 lessons. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark.

Simone W

Excellent tutor,
My son said he learnt more in one lesson than he did in weeks at school ! ...
Highly recommend.. *****

Eamonn O

My son has developed a very good rapport with Mark and is surprised to have found someone who makes maths seem so straightforward. He is a breath of fresh air and has an excellent teaching style.

Barbara B

Mark is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and able to get the point across to my daughter who is doing her GCSEs this year, needs a B, but lacks confidence. Mark's style of teaching is to get straight in there for the entire hour. After only a short time her confidence is already improving and she enjoys the lessons as Mark is very easy to talk to and explains things clearly for as long as it takes!

Tracy H

Mark is an excellent reacher that gets to the problem straight away and really helped my daughter.

Janisse W

So far so good - we are several weeks in to lessons and my son definitely seems to be improving - he even said he now feels
good about his upcoming stats exam - apparently Mark is the first teacher he has had who has been able to explain matters to him in a way he understands.

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