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Jamie G

5 (2 reviews)

I am a SEN specialist, who has 1+ working experience at an Education provisional school. I currently co-ordinate PE at primary and secondary sites. I also, teaching assist and provide early intervention to new students at the school. I provide 1:1 support for new student and my aim here is to unlock behavioural triggers, nurture and mentor children in order to give them the tools they need to become a success within the classroom. My passion is to teach, support and manage children on a social and emotional level and my goals are to make children believe in themselves. I know modern times can be tricky, but with hard work and dedication, I know children can achieve the impossible with a strong leader and role model and that's were I come into play! I love sport and I am a lifelong football fan! I currently coach children from all different ages and abilities and my job here is to improve their self-esteem and belief. I have coached in Portugal and Spain in the past and this experience was one I will never forget. I do have the experience to teach array of subjects, which include English, Biology, PE, Spanish (Basic) and ICT.


5 (2 reviews)
Debby M

Jamie is an excellent home tutor who put my 14 year old son at ease throughout his teaching at our hone. 109% recomended.

Debby M

Jamie is the ideal tutor. Full understanding of my 14 year olds needs. He put him at ease with his teaching skills. I would 100% recommend Jamie.

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