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Heather T

5 (4 reviews)

I tutor schoolchildren (12+) to help them improve their grammar, spelling, comprehension, writing etc. and prepare for GCSE English Language. Lessons take place in my home (Saturdays or early weekday evenings, depending on availability) - I live in Warmley, BS30. Alternatively, I can teach using the Tutorful online platform, so if you don't live near me and would like online lessons, please let me know.
I am currently working with 3 young people who are taking GCSE English Language this year, along with 4 younger children in years 5, 6 and 8. I know what they need to learn and whilst addressing that, I also aim to develop their general knowledge and sense of curiosity, which will help them in all subjects. So far, I've established good working relationships with all of my pupils and hope to continue doing so.
By the way, I'm also an experienced teacher of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and teach adults for EFL exams, general or business purposes.
If you think I might be able to help you, let's start a conversation.


5 (4 reviews)
Allan C

my son enjoyed lesson very much, and I do noticed good improvement on
his English. Very good tutor.

Joanna W

Heather has been tutoring my son for IGCSE and AQA English. She is very professional and has given him the confidence and skills to tackle the exam. The lessons are well planned and Heather has great attention to detail. If my son is unsure of his homework tasks Heather is always on hand to help. I would have no hesitation in recommending Heather for English tuition.

Sun B

Excellent teaching skill.
Put real effort into studient.
Highly recommend.

Rachael P

Lovely lady my daughters been going for 3 weeks now and looks forward to her lessons

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