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Holly R

5 (1 reviews)

I am a flexible English Literature and English Language tutor with a bachelor and master’s degree in English Literature. I have experience of mentoring GCSE students of varying abilities for writing awards, assisting tutorial lessons in English to students ranging from years 1 to 11 and leading reading sessions in schools. I also have experience of helping to improve the reading and comprehension skills of pupils who speak English as a second language.

I am able to help with the development of the writing and reading capabilities of students from any age or ability, with an emphasis on vocabulary expansion, spelling improvement and grammar inaccuracies as well as the development of a high level of literary analysis for secondary school students. I can also communicate timely feedback to students to draw attention to good work and suggest ways to gain higher marks in future assessments.


5 (1 reviews)
Rhian J

Holly is a pleasant young lady and my daughter feels comfortable and enjoys her lessons with her . Holly understands which areas my daughter needs help with and works to get the very best out of her

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