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Daniela M

5 (2 reviews)

Hi there!

I just graduated from my Masters in Applied Linguistics here at the University of Edinburgh.

I have always been very interested in learning new languages and enjoy sharing my knowledge very much. Throughout High School I worked as a private tutor for individual students of all levels who struggled to pass language subjects or who simply wanted to improve their grades and/or language skills. This included helping and guiding students with after school homework and preparing them for exams in a stress-free environment. Working with one student at a time allowed me to identify each student’s biggest problems so I could adapt my manner of teaching that suited each student best.

Alongside linguistics I studied English Language and Literature at uni and I have experience in tutoring English, French, German, and Spanish. Having German as a mother tongue allows me to show a native view of the language, while having learnt French/Spanish/English as foreign languages myself helps me to understand possible obstacles students might face when learning a new language.
I am keen to help students of all levels who are enthusiastic and excited to learn a new language.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions.
Thank you!


5 (2 reviews)
David B

Daniela is a really great tutor. She is very patient and her knowledge of Swiss and Austria German is a real bonus. I cannot recreommend her highly enough.

Jennifer S

Daniela is patient, enthusiastic and willing to share her knowledge in my quest to learn Spanish. After two lessons I am feeling more confident in pronunciation, although I have a long way to go for the Spanish double "rr". Daniela helped me understand the Spanish International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) which is extremely useful to me, as it sets me up well from the start in pronouncing sounds correctly. Thanks Daniela!

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