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Abdul-Wahab A

5 (5 reviews)

I have been a Qualified Maths Teacher since 2010 and have over 10 years experience in tutoring. I hold a Masters Degree in Teaching Studies, a PGCE in Mathematics and a Mathematics Bachelors Degree, all from the University of Birmingham.

I specialise in tutoring GCSE Maths with a track record of getting excellent results. I worked as the Head of Mathematics for 7 years at an independent secondary school in Birmingham teaching students from Years 7 through to Year 11. I have also taught GCSE Maths in a college setting to post 16 and adults. I have extensive experience in teaching and tutoring GCSE Maths and KS3 Maths and I am very familiar with the latest Maths specifications. I also tutor A-Level Maths and I tutor to all ages and abilities.

I am an experienced GCSE Examiner for one of the leading GCSE and A-Level exam boards and so have a deep understanding of assessment and examinations, particularly regarding GCSE Maths.


5 (5 reviews)
Shazia I

Excellent teacher. My son finds him very helpful and understands all his work in class.

Manjeet S

Abdul is a brilliant tutor. He is able to engage children in a relaxed manor with simple explanations of complex problems. My son has benefitted enormously and is now enjoying maths. Very punctual and reliable. I would highly recommend.

Mohammed R

Very helpful...would recommend!

Fidan B

first lesson ,good approach, nice communication skills. so far so good

Asma R

The tutor Abdul-wuhab is very good. He is helpful and always keeps you updated about your child. He answers all your questions and does the best for your child. He recommends stuff that will help your child develop their understanding. I would recommend him as a tutor.

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