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Catherine M

5 (21 reviews)

Hi! I have a BVMS degree in veterinary medicine from Glasgow University, and worked as a vet for several years before having my four children, all of whom I tutored throughout their school years - they are now successful graduates!

I returned to University to complete a B.Mus.(Hons) degree in Music, and now provide instrumental tuition on piano, guitar and recorder, as well as coaching in theory, composition and music concepts. Having had twelve years experience in coaching, I adopt a fairly informal style of teaching and enjoy tutoring people of all ages. Having a good rapport with all my pupils is very important to me, to ensure that they feel comfortable and able to ask any questions.

Please message me to organise lessons.
At the moment, I am available on Mondays before 3pm, Tuesdays 2-4pm, Wednesdays 11-4, Fridays before 3pm, Saturday afternoons.


5 (21 reviews)
Jack L

My daughter benefitted enormously this year from Catherine's enthusiasm and grasp of Chemistry and Biology. We can recommend her highly. "She has really improved my marks," and "really explains things well," according to the pupil herself!!!!

Jack L

My daughter benefitted enormously this year from Catherine's enthusiasm and grasp of Chemistry and Biology. We can recommend her highly. "She has really improved my marks," and "really explains things well," according to the pupil herself!!!!

Lisa R

Would recommend Catherine to others looking for help with higher chemistry. I have noticed a major improvement in my performance in the subject since having Catherine as a tutor.

Shahana N

Catherine is a very talented guitar tutor. She has an many techniques to help learning guitar simply. She is calm and patient with a fun personality. She always arrives on time and gives just enough homework practice that can be managed. She has helped me to find music that interests my style. I have progressed far more with Catherine’s support, than with any other tutor. Thank you

Sofia D

A really great teacher! She taught me very specific and specialized jazz chords that I needed help with and she helped me progress so much. She planned lessons carefully and thoughtfully and would give me encouraging exercises both in class and as homework. Such a nice, kind and understanding person, I highly recommend her!

Sara T

Catherine is really friendly and will go over an area of a topic you don't understand until you do. I like how she will focus on the areas you are struggling with rather than just the general topic. A really good Tutor!

Scott M

My Son is loving his guitar lessons with Catherine, I'm really Happy!!

Mahnaz R

Catherine is a fantastic teacher and helped my son to achieve an excellent grade in Chemistry. She is a calm and patient tutor and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a big improvement.

Vicky S

Two lessons so far and going very well! Catherine is very nice, easy and encouraging manner with my daughter and progress seems very good.

Kenneth B

Catherine is a very good Piano teacher for me as being an adult pupil we can be a bit slower in learning but Catherine is patient and explains things extremely well both verbally and on the piano. Highly recommend her as a tutor.

Andreea C

I've been taking Chemistry lessons with Catherine for the past month now and she is great. I feel like I've learned a lot in a short period of time and developed a genuine interest in the subject - and this is coming from someone who has barely done any Chemistry at all and even the word alone scared me.
She is a fantastic teacher and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a friendly, extremely patient and knowledgeable tutor.

Anurag S

Excellent teacher.
Very good teaching skills.

Sam C

Excellent tutor makes every lesson enjoyable!

Pauline M

Very very happy with the Tutor.

Pauline M

Very very happy with Catherine and I am very impressed and my niece Claire is delighted

Ryan B

High quality tutor, very personable and prepared. Unfortunately due to a recurring health issue I couldn't continue lessons but cannot recommend her highly enough.

Michelle A

I found Catherine very helpful with my higher chemistry, she was very reliable and friendly. I was always able to understand the things she was telling me and we had good communication. I found it easy to tell her when I just didn't have a clue. Great tutor and always great at replying to my txts. I would definitely recommend Catherine :)

Alastair S

Catherine has been an excellent tutor. Catherine provides encouragement, confidence and useful learning materials She is prompt, amicable and friendly. I would certainly recommend Catherine for anyone seeking to enhance their understanding and learning of Chemistry

Angela M

Carly my daughter is enjoying her time spent with Catherine. She makes learning fun & she simplify's the work to make it easy to learn.

Esther R

I enjoy my classes with Cathrine, she is knowledgable and patient. She also has a friendly disposition which makes the odd joke memorable. Cathrine has no problem in going over topics already covered, in my case, over and over and over again, boy, that's patients for you!
I will recommend Cathrine as a tutor any day of the year.
Very satisfied student

Marie P

Please let Catherine know that my daughter thinks she is fantastic.
Catherine has visited twice now for chemistry support and Emma informs me that she already feels much more confident in both her approach to the subject and her depth of knowledge.

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