Master's degree Physicist and fluent French speaker.

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Simon M

5 (5 reviews)

A physicist, with a Master's degree from Manchester University and Brussels Université Libre, I have over 20 years' experience in industry. Having worked as a science journalist, IT consultant and, most recently, as a managing director within a multinational chemical business, I have excellent communication skills and a wealth of hands-on, relevant experience with which to bring my tutorials to life.

In addition to my maths and science knowledge, I am a fluent speaker and writer of colloquial and business French, having lived and worked in French-speaking countries for more than half of my professional life. In September I started retraining as a secondary science teacher and have an excellent understanding of the curriculum and current teaching practice.

With a wealth of professional and life skills - and as a father of a year 8 pupil - I am uniquely placed to provide exciting and relevant tutorship.


5 (5 reviews)
Annie B

Simon has helped me with my physics over the past couple months. Before starting the tutoring with Simon I didn’t feel confident in my physics, he has helped me with the whole spec and now I fully understand and feel ready for my exams. Would strongly recommend!

Samantha J

I am really pleased with my decision to begin learning French with Simon. He is a superb tutor, extremely supportive, patient and he has a knack of being able to inject humour into our sessions [better than an aid memoire]. Simon is punctual and reliable and the sessions are individually tailored to accommodate my very busy schedule. Simon offers a variety of teaching methods that make learning enjoyable and achievable. In the short amount of time that I have been on this journey, I have made a considerable amount of progress and developed confidence in my ability to speak, listen and read French [Albeit beginners level] . I am looking forward to continuing my journey with Simon and would highly recommend Simon as an outstanding tutor.

Catherine P

Simon started Physics classes in October with my daughter who is in Year 11 as she has always struggled with Physics and never achieved higher than 15%. In December she did her 1st mock GCSE and achieved 54% because of Simon, we are delighted with the quick progress and confidence he has instilled in my daughter.

Kate T

Simon is an excellent tutor. He is calm and supportive. His tuition is making a positive change for our daughter.

Julie G

Simon is an amazing man. My daughter has come on very quickly with him. He is patient and kind and has a great unique way of teaching her French. Her previous tutor came for 6 months she did no do well with her. Simon is always on time . Mia looks forward to seeing him.

Thankyou Simon

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