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Amanda I

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I am a First Year Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering student at the University of Strathclyde who would like to tutor pupils in subjects that I thoroughly enjoy and do very well in (Mathematics, AutoCAD, and French).

My qualifications include:
1) Mathematics (Nat 5, Higher, Adv. Higher)
2) Graphics/AutoCAD Inventor (Nat 5, Higher, Adv. Higher)
3) French (Higher, Adv. Higher)

I have continued Mathematics and French to university level.

The CAD software that I currently use at university is SolidWorks.

Not only do I plan on giving pupils a better and deeper understanding of these subjects, but I would also like to encourage them to take genuine interest in them.

Extra Info:
My hobbies include:
1) Language-learning (I am currently learning Korean. I am at intermediate level).
2) Keeping a sketchbook of technical drawings/sketches which I intend on modelling on SolidWorks.


4 (1 reviews)
Karen R

My son really struggles with maths and so far after 2 sessions with Amanda, he has a clearer understanding of 2 topics. We will happily continue with Amanda's sessions.

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