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George P


I can work with you to improve your assessment grades at the various key stages.

I can also work closely with you to improve your GCSE grades (1-9) at English Language & English Literature. Together we can develop:

- effective revision techniques and best approaches to answering exam questions
- creative ways to analyse fiction & non-fiction
- interesting ways to compare texts
- ways to enhance your effective writing techniques
- create effective plans to best organise your information & ideas
- ways to use language effectively
- brush up on grammar, spelling & punctuation
- ways of writing about and analysing poetry efficiently
- effective approaches to understanding Shakespeare
- Techniques to answering questions on prose & drama set by examining boards

I am a native English speaker, born & raised in London, England. I have travelled extensively in the past, mainly in Europe and the United States and have developed a passion for learning about differing cultures, this has influenced my writing. I have a teaching background and at one time managed my own language school for several years. I also have a passion for working with learners who wish to develop & succeed and I can use my skills to be flexible and imaginative in the real & virtual classroom.

I also have an expertise in working with young people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

I can also work with you grammatically & stylistically on your post 16 & undergraduate work.

I also have a strong business background, having managed my own business in property investment and management. I am passionate about writing (mystery fictional novels), and spending time with my family (which includes two very beautiful dogs!).

I am really looking forward to working with you!

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