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Stephen T

5 (3 reviews)

I am 40 years old, and I have...
• 20 years experience in helping people practice and improve their English, 1 year teaching beginner's French, many years living in Thailand and interpreting Thai in the UK, 3 years of Spanish studies, and 1 year teaching guitar
• a TESOL Certificate from Trinity College London (recognised around the world)
• 3 years self-employment in private tutoring and proofreading
• 8 months employment in language schools and private schools
• experience with students from the UK, Asia, Europe, Africa and South America
• experience with students aged 5 to 50+

For lessons, I will ask you what you want, check your level to see what you need, and then prepare lessons and activities for you. I will adapt to you, your requests and your learning style.

I may use all kinds of materials - on paper, CD, video or online, and everyday things - as well as simply explaining and practising things.

I also do English proofreading - we can look at your work together, or you can email it to me and I will return it with grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary corrections (or suggestions/questions when it is not clear).


5 (3 reviews)
Fotini T

Stephen is very supportive and adjusts the lessons to my pace. I feel challenged whilst at the same time able to speak in a safe environment where I know my mistakes will be corrected and my learning will progress. Thank you Stephen

Blade S

Makes you feel comfortable,Very calm with a good knowledge and lot of background experience.

Geane F

Stephen is an excellent English tutor. He has helped me to improve my English speaking around what I want to focus on job interviews and work related language skills. I strongly recommend him to any student who wants a tailored support and dedicated attention.

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