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Nora C

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A qualified teacher to teach Spanish (QTS) to primary, secondary, university students and children and adults in general at different levels as beginner, intermediate and advanced. My academic degree in Philology is based on a deep and extended study throughout the Spanish language, literature, history and culture. I also attended a course about Pedagogic Competence Skills for young learners and recently completed other one about Training for teaching Spanish as a foreign language for children in the Cervantes Institute in London.
In terms of my experiences, I have worked at school in Oldham, as a volunteer Spanish teacher assistant for pupils of KS3, providing supporting with the duties of their lessons and helping the development of activities within the classroom, giving them extra-class conversation, regarding their daily lesson objectives, so practising their speaking and listening and like this, improve their Spanish pronunciation. I have been making some practices as a teacher assistant for KS2 at school in Salford helping with pupil daily routines. Other duties been doing: working as a childcare with some British families since September 2014. I have previously worked for a year as a Spanish teacher and for ten years as an Assistant book seller to schools and nurseries customers in a publisher by children's and youth's literature, both in Madrid, Spain.


5 (1 reviews)
Amy F

Nora is so lovely, a good teacher and I'm picking the language up better with Nora than in previous Spanish classes. The one to one tutoring is better than classes for myself and as Nora is Spanish you get a real feel of the language when it's spoken.

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