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Dominic R



My name’s Dominic, I’m a final-year Physics student at the University of Salford. I’m currently teaching: electric, acoustic and classical guitar lessons for beginners, as well as offering tutoring in science and maths-based subjects up to GCSE level.

When it comes to the guitar lessons, I prefer a more casual approach over the traditional grading system. Each hour-long lesson is split into two halves, the first of which is devoted to exercises in learning key techniques (i.e. fingerpicking, strumming, chord shapes). In the second half, you will simply be learning to play the music that you enjoy. I will shape the lessons to fit your needs, based on your favourite styles of music. If you have any prior experience in playing guitar, the first lesson will begin with a few short minutes to allow me to gauge your ability. You don't need to have your own guitar at first, just let me know and I can bring one along.

The same applies to the science tutoring - just tell me which particular aspects of your course you'd like to focus on and I'll prepare a thorough lesson plan for you. In maths and the sciences (physics in particular) - I’ve consistently achieved high grades throughout my academic career, gaining over 90% in a number of my exams at university. Whilst I am young (21 years old), I pride myself in being able to explain things clearly to people of all ages. After two years spent teaching a traditional Taekwondo class of 8-16 year-olds, I feel as though I am patient and confident enough to help students of any age!

I don't own a car so I'm only available to teach in the Salford & Central Manchester areas, but for the science tutoring, meeting at a public place such as a library is also an option.

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