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Agnes J

5 (5 reviews)

I am a teacher in German language with a long experience in working with both young and adults which I gained over the years in secondary schools, a language school as well as during many hours of private tutoring.
I am an outgoing and friendly person who teaches with passion. I will do my best to help you improve your confidence when speaking German, as well as develop your understanding of German grammar. My tutorials will be tailored to your individual needs.
Do you want to equip your child better for the future?
GCSEs coming up?
Planning holidays in Germany or thinking of moving there?
Do you want to exercise your brain and prevent dementia in later life?
Looking forward to hearing from you.


5 (5 reviews)
Gustavo S

If you’re looking for German lessons, Agnes is a very skilled and dedicated teacher. Surely will help you to improve!

Silvia C

Agnes is professional and very friendly. She structures the lessons to meet your needs and level! Defintey recommend if you are looking to improve all of your skills in German.

Georgina C

Agnes is always fully prepared for every lesson and uses a variety of media to keep the lessons interesting. She is very encouraging, as I lack confidence, and has adapted to my ability perfectly. I highly recommend Agnes.

Oana Alexandra T

Agnes is professional,experienced and thorough. She adapted quickly to my level and is extremely well prepared for every lesson. The exercises are tailored to meet my goal, covering all sections required to pass an exam.

But it is not all grammar and rules,every lesson has a fun element to it, related to the topic of the lesson and making it easy to remember.

I look forward to each lesson with Agnes and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is serious about learning German!

Gladys C

Agnes is a brilliant tutor. She is friendly, enthusiastic and very encouraging. She has made the lessons interesting and enjoyable for my son. After three lessons, he has become more confident in speaking and writing in German and I hope his confidence will continue to grow with Agnes’ guidance.

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