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Patricia H

4.7 (3 reviews)

I have a BSc in Medical Cell Biology and Biochemistry and a PhD in Biochemistry. I have been teaching biology for over 18 years, from GCSE to Degree level. During this time, I have taught almost all areas of Biology, including Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics and Genetic Engineering, Microbiology, and Diseases and Infections. Before taking up my teaching position I worked in research for 10 years and I maintain an interest in Developmental Biology.

As a tutor I firmly believe in matching my teaching to your needs – one size does not fit all. So I will start with finding out what you need help with and we will take it from there. I will always try to explain concepts to you in a way that you can understand and will not make assumptions about what you “should” know.

Because I tailor my teaching to each student I do not have a particular method or set plan that I follow. However, my aim will always be to check your current level of knowledge of a topic, teach you what you need to know about that topic, and then test your understanding and knowledge.

My aim is to supplement the teaching that you already have had, and as such I will not usually give you extra hand-outs etc. I usually find that most people have all of the information that they need in class notes and/or school text-books, it is just a case of understanding the information! I will help you to understand what the examiner wants you to write and help you with your exam technique so that you can clearly show the examiner what you know. I have successfully tutored young people who have gone on to study Biology at Degree level.

Sorry but I do not travel over to Liverpool as the time involved in travel and the tunnel costs mean that it is simply not a cost effective use of my time.


4.7 (3 reviews)

My Son had his first lesson this evening. He felt comfortable with Patricia and she was ready to work on the subject area that he had let her know in advance he wanted help with. He felt the tutoring was informative, non judgemental and worthwhile.5 out of 5 up to now

Helen M

Patricia has only been couple of times so far, but my daughter is finding her very helpful.

Jo D

My Son is in lower 6th and was starting to struggle with a level biology. The volume and pace of the course. Tricia has come now for a couple of weeks and is starting to help him make sense of the areas he was struggling with. Would recommend contacting her if you or your kids need help. Don't let them struggle on... really approachable.

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