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Maeen P

5 (3 reviews)

Hello, thank you for visiting my profile. If you are looking for a tutor in any of the subjects outlined, you have come to the right place. I am an articulate and professional individual, yet also very down-to-earth and easily approachable. I appreciate that everybody learns differently and that there is no "one size fits all" rule when it comes to engaging a student. This is why I take my time to fully understand what it is my students want and need from the tutor sessions.

Sometimes there may be an underlying reason for why a student is struggling with a particular concept, and so I make sure to identify these issues early on so they can be addressed. Once we overcome these issues, it is important that students are comfortable with being able to still tell me "I still don't understand this, can we go over it again?". Which, of course, is encouraged, as otherwise there would be no progression.

Having been through all these exams myself, I am aware of how stressful they can be for both the student and the parents. If you choose me to be your tutor, I can guarantee I will be as invested in your achievements as you should be.

Thank you.


5 (3 reviews)
Sabrina N

An amazing tutor!! Really helpful and makes sure you understand. He always goes above and beyond!

Nabila I

Very happy with Maen my son has improved alot , he was really lacking confidence in biology but now loves it amd gained confidence, Maen is very panctual and my son enjoys the lessons i would recomend maen to anyone.

Leah-Annette A

Well pleased so far.

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