I can make you fluent in Spanish, no books, no homework.

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Lisa W


I have formally learnt languages all my life but never felt like I'd mastered any of them. This was due to the way they were taught and still being taught today. Then one day I decided enough is enough and I tried something new. My tutor threw away books, homework and conjugation repetitions. He sat me down, unravelled the language and piece by piece began to build it up with me. I went at my own pace and it was as though a misty fog had been lifted.

With this approach I will create a vivid image of the structure of the Spanish language. Together we will build the tree trunk and the branches. Then you are able through logic to begin to add more verbs and vocabulary to this solid tree.

No matter whether you are a beginner or have years of Spanish lessons behind you. This approach is vital to becoming a confident Spanish speaker.

Since leaning this method I had a Spanish boyfriend for 2 years who didn't speak English. We were able to communicate fully thanks to this method.

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