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Shane S

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Im a current physics masters student at the university of nottingham whose aspirations are to become a secondary school teacher. I have done subjects such as a level maths, further maths and physics. Im a very competant tutor that can teach at A level and below.

Having taught my cousins and brother GCSE maths and physics in their spare time I am sure i will get you up to the best standard you can be. Im an enthusiastic tutor and having taught year 7's in a springboard programme for maths im sure i can improve your grade more then you could imagine.
In my spare time i enjoy nothing more than deriving the laws of physics or coding on the programme matlab, which is a very good tool for learning about physical systems.
My teaching style is a relaxed yet concentrated one in which i have improved peoples grade from a c grade to an a grade in a matter of months. I will always make you feel like you can acheive your goals as I believe this is the greatest way to success.

Maths and physics is my speciality, anything from vector calculus to rotational motion can be taught to a great level of detail, and in as much time as is needed. Happy to help whenever it is needed.


5 (1 reviews)
Iftikhar A

Very knowledgable and well prepared. I would like to recommend any one looking for help in Mechanics

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