Always excited to teach computing and maths at all levels!

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Patrick B

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I'm predisposed to teaching, with both parents doing so in Africa near my age. I've taught computer literacy to the over-50 in my area, with comments of brilliant patience and ability to break-down subjects. I will want to engage fully with what the student's interests are, what they find difficult, what they already know, and also work with you to outline your expectations clearly. I'm a very enthusiastic hobbyist in computing, with a natural nack for programming. I will actively ensure an easy experience for you and the student to work with, from strictly professional tutoring to casual advice and commentary. Any issues you may have can be worked around, though I hope it doesn't come to that! I'm looking forward to helping all ages do better in their studies and interests!


5 (1 reviews)
Cheryl C

Patrick has been helping my 12-year-old Son with maths. I've found Patrick to be very friendly, he put my Son at ease straight away and has really helped him to improve his understanding and confidence. I'm very happy and would highly recommend.

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