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Serena C

5 (4 reviews)
Newcastle upon Tyne

I am a French native who settled in the UK five years ago, after finishing my degree in Librarianship. I have a Baccalaureate and Diploma - the French equivalent to A-levels - in Foreign Languages, Philosophy, Science and Maths.

I have been teaching for over 3 years and I grew a real passion for teaching my native language. I am always looking for opportunities to meet new students.
Students say that I am a dynamic and engaging tutor. I constantly introduce new activities and games in my teaching. Each of my lessons are carefully planned depending on my students’ individual needs and I make sure to give regular feedbacks.

I specialise in introducing French to complete beginners of all ages. I can also teach for many other purposes. I can help in revisions for exams such as GCSE and A-Levels, I can tutor anyone preparing to spend holidays in France or in a francophone country and I can have conversations with advanced students in order to keep their skills updated by teaching them the keys of the modern language.

In the future, I am looking forward to completing a teaching degree in order to become a qualified French School Teacher.

Message me and I will happily organise lessons together.


5 (4 reviews)
Aya M

Serena is an excellent tutor she is so kind patient and dedicated

Joanna C

Serena is an excellent tutor. She takes time to prepare lessons beforehand so individual needs can met. She is kind and patient in her teaching and makes learning fun! Highly recommend

Justin T

Serena is a fantastic tutor and my french language ability has developed amazingly in a matter of months. We started our lessons about 8 months ago. At the beginning I struggled to speak more than a few words of French. However, now I can hold a basic conversation and conjugate verbs. Serena has a method which makes the process enjoyable and I always leave a lesson feeling my french has improved. I was someone who struggled with dyslexia and was always told I would never be able to speak a second language but I feel that fluency is possible with a few years of study thanks to Serena's patience and teaching style.

Alice L

Serena is a great tutor. She makes me feel comfortable speaking French during the lessons. She's encouraging and supportive. She tailors each lesson to my individual needs and I feel like I'm really getting a 'bespoke' lesson plan with her. She reinforces both grammar and vocabulary in every lesson and sets homework which motivates me in between lessons! Couldn't recommend her enough!

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