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Carmen G

5 (11 reviews)

I am a professional lawyer from Colombia (country of origin).

I act as a tutor for other professionals and students (Sixth Form, College and University) and thereby respectively create a plan for every tutee in order to meet their individual goals. This may entail invigorating their vocabulary, speaking or written skills.

I have a flexible time schedule. This therefore makes me able to adapt my time into your daily routines, be it; arranging a lesson around someones working hours, going to a university (based in London) or meeting in a central location which best suits the client.

My lessons have been used for myriad purposes.
- You could be looking to expand your vocabulary as you are about to go to a spanish speaking country (tourism and business).
- You could be preparing for an international exam such as DELE.
- Or you may just want to learn another language!

Please contact me if interested :D


5 (11 reviews)
Lydia W

Carmen is an excellent, dedicated and patient tutor. She went above and beyond in helping me learn - by sending me articles and work to do throughout the week to prepare for our lessons and encouraging me to immerse myself into the language - and was very helpful in getting me through my Spanish exams. As well as this, I had a lot of fun learning with her and my confidence with speaking improved massively. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Spanish :)

Antonia V

Very good

Ruth G

I just wanted a few lessons to brush up on my very poor Spanish before a trip to Chile. Carmen is perfect. She keeps the lessons at the right level. Covering basic things and practical conversations that I might need. Sends me useful practice sheets in between lessons. I would definitely recommend her.

Wesley E

Carmen is very committed and engaging - I'd strongly recommend her as a Spanish tutor.
Lessons have variety and are fun, challenging and fluid.

Sean G

Carmen is a great teacher: she creates interesting learning materials that really work in embedding the language - she is patient, thoughtful and very attentive. She has a really great approach to teaching!

Zindzi W

Fantastic engaging teacher

Clare H

Carmen tutored me for nine lessons for preparation for my trip to Cuba. She prepared lessons well, and was flexible, punctual, professional and delightful to work with. Her lessons in particular focusing around role-playing phone conversations and negotiating accommodation were very useful and I was able to directly apply what I learned! I would not hesitate to recommend her for a tailored intensive course like this.

Eoin W

Carmen is a fantastic tutor. I started learning beginners Spanish with her after having group lessons and she was able to build on what I knew already and identify areas where I needed to improve. She makes the lessons fun and interactive and is happy to focus on whatever I want. Every week she sends articles to read and videos to watch which help build up my vocabulary and improve my confidence speaking. I would definitely recommend her.

Justin M

Muy bien!!
Can feel great progress after 3 lessons!
Looking forward to more

Jan G

Carmen is a friendly, patient and organised Tutor with an excellent persona and temperament. I have now had 5 lessons and despite of course still being a novice to the Spanish language I can feel improvement each lesson and my confidence increasing.
Carmen pays close attention to reading, writing and speaking and will give weekly homework to to co inside with the tuitions. She is also very flexible with tutorial times. I am looking forward to continuing to learn with Carmen over the coming months.

Jane H

I love the way Carmen teaches. As I won't be doing any exams, she's helping me to learn in a much more well-rounded and life applicable way by encouraging me to read articles she sends and identify what I don't understand. We've gone back to basics to pick up any gaps in my knowledge (I was surprised by some of them so this was a great idea) and after 2 lessons I already feel as if I'm getting back in the swing of things, conjugating verbs and developing my vocabulary. Not to mention the fact that as a native Spanish speaker, Carmen encourages constant spoken practice and refines my spoken Spanish throughout the lesson. So enjoyable and I can tell I'm learning fast!

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