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Natasha L


Hello! My name is Natasha, I have tutoring experience with children ranging from primary to GCSE level with different circumstances and challenges to over come. I like to get to know each child's strength and weaknesses and build upon those to ensure the best result is achieved. I have worked with many types of children and can cater for all! I would also be happy to work with adults as there is of course no limit on learning.
Throughout school I tutored people younger and older than me and helped them achieve what they both wanted and needed to go on in life and better themselves. I have an Advanced Higher in English and many other subjects including maths and geography at Higher and National 5 level. I am an enthusiastic person and would love to help anyone and everyone who asks for my help, I always try my hardest to help you get to where you need to be. I like to learn each individuals learning strategies and use these to build upon to achieve greatness!

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