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Elspeth M

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Hello! Having just finished my degree in Physics and Biology (with Maths in the first year) at the University of Nottingham I know how hard science can be! But not only can it be made easier but can also be made fun, or at least bearable! I know just how much people think that science, especially Physics, is something that only a few people can do. But with the right way of looking at it, we can all improve our understanding (and our grades) of all the sciences, and maths.

Having done 4 years in both Biology and Physics, with my first year also including maths, I feel very confident in being able to support a student through all school exams, helping you get the highest grade possible. I have also done an A level in Music as well as four grade 8's on the Violin, Flute, Recorder, and Piano, as well as having taught music lessons previously.


5 (1 reviews)
Sheba S

Highly professional, patient, knowledgeable, well prepared and very easy to work with. My son enjoyed his first session this evening and cant wait for his next one. Thank you Elspeth!

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