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Antonella M

5 (2 reviews)

I am a TEFL Cambridge teacher and I passed my exams with "Distinction". This means that I am enabled to teach English as a foreign language all over the world.
I am Italian native, although I started to deal with the study of English, French and German in Rome, where I am from, when I was a very young girl. In Italy the study of foreign languages, especially English, is and was already then of utmost importance. I am fluent in French having lived and worked in Paris for a certain period of my life and I've got an intermediate level of German. I've been teaching English for many years now and having been myself a student of foreign languages has given me the possibility of better understanding the most crucial steps of learning a language from a non-English speaking person's point of view, both for grammar, pronunciation and comprehension skills. On the other hand, as far as French is concerned, there's nothing better than an Italian teacher to teach the musicality of the French language, this said by French friends!
Languages are my passion and have always been. What would be really nice for me to do is to carry on trying and succeeding in passing this passion through to those students who really have my same inclination or those who would eagerly like to give it a try! Either way I will be available to share my time with you on this adventure.


5 (2 reviews)
Charlotte B

Antonella is great, second lesson and I already feel like I am learning a lot and am more confident :)

Stephanie C

The best tutor ever. I have gone from a complete beginner to being able to have conversations and write short essays in Italian in a few months. Antonella is an excellent teacher, and remains kind, encouraging and fun, whilst covering a great deal of material. I really look forward to my weekly lessons. I can not recommend her highly enough;

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