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Eva P


I am Spanish native speaker who is committed to helping people to learn.
Communication is so important, and a language one vehicle which takes us from being isolated to feel ourselves an active member of a community. It is a way through to understanding the culture and society of a country.

As a foreigner who moved to a different country and had to learn another language, I have the ability to put myself in other’s people shoes when it comes to understanding the difficulties that can arise when learning a different language, and how frustrating it can be sometimes. Therefore, I believe I can transmit my motivation and enthusiasm to others in order to boost theirs.

Probably, one of my strongest skills is that I am good at active listening. As somebody said, listening is more than pointing your ears in someone’s direction and hearing words which come out of their mouth. As far as I am concerned listening also implies actively noticing and recognizing the state of the person standing in front of you. In my opinion this is an essential tool for enhancing the oral and listening skills of the students. By listening actively, the student’s range of struggles during the class can often be identified along with any unmotivated feeling or lack of attention. Only when those problems have been spotted is it possible to consider a different approach to that particular student to boost their self-confidence, and encourage them to meet their goals.

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