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Georgina T


I'm currently studying second year illustration at Plymouth university and therefore concentrate on visual learning and teaching which a lot of people find very helpful and easier to understand. This would include imagery, flow charts and other diagrams.
Being bilingual, I have alot of experience in speaking, writing, and reading German.
I am patient (which is of course very important when learning a new language) and have basic experience in teaching and planning lessons.
Learning a new language should be fun as it is a great skill to have, but I also understand that sometimes people do sometimes need that extra help to pass an exam or really make it "click" and that's what I'm here for!
As I am planning on teaching younger age groups, I will mainly provide a variety of techniques on how to pass exams. This will include the audible, oral and written aspects of the exams.
Each lesson will include:
1. A overview of what has already been learnt.
2. A realistic objective/ goal for the session.
3. The "learning part", using examples.
4. The application of the knowledge and/ or technique.
5. Practicing of techniques either during the session or as homework
(6. Homework if deemed necessary)

Of course changes can be made to the general lesson plan if needed, especially depending on age and knowledge.

I've been a creative all my life and would be excited to teach others certain drawing/painting techniques as well as how to hit the learning outcomes used in school to pass a creative subject exam.
I will be able to provide some supplies for art lessons but I will be relying on students/ parents for the most part.

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