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Tom M



Hi! I graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in Mathematics last summer, and I`m currently a full time professional tutor with 8 happy students and over 50 hours of experience.

"Happy to find a right tutor for my daughter- reliable, patient and punctual."
"Tom is reliable and professional and the sessions are a real confidence boost"
"My son is making good progress and Tom explains everything well to him. Very reliable. Would recommend"

I specialise in curriculum mathematics, having achieved 95+ on all my Core modules in Maths and Further Maths at A Level, although I can also readily teach extra-curricular A Level examinations such as STEP, MAT, AEA and the Senior Maths Challenge (among others). I also achieved highly in Physics, with 100% in the two final papers, so if you need help with this (particularly the Applied Maths side of Physics) then I am very able and ready to help.

I attained 3 A*`s in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics at A Level, so I know exactly what is required for the top grades. I also achieved Highest Ever in School for the Senior Maths Challenge and a distinction in AEA Mathematics. My MAT grade was enough to earn me a non-STEP offer from Imperial, and I passed all three STEPs, STEP I in Lower Sixth.

Beyond my grades, I work hard and have a dedication for my subject. Mathematics is the cornerstone of every science, and a proper understanding of it is essential. I love sport and cars, and keep up with the latest technology.


Throughout my education I have tutored those younger than me and worked with some of the brightest young minds, who are now top of their year in the highest ranking universities. I am flexible in tutoring a range of abilities, and have experience from mentoring Year 7 students just learning algebra, through to Year 12 students retaking GCSEs, all the way to STEP tutoring and preparing for university entrance exams.


I am a strong believer that every student is different, and that they each have their own way of learning that works best for them. A great academic record does not necessarily mean a great tutor, however I think that I have the right approach whereby I learn first how the student works best, then implement learning techniques which will drive the best results.

I also strongly encourage an inquisitive and questioning behaviour, where the student is aware that not everything I say should be taken for granted. The key skill universities are looking for is an inquisitive nature, so I do not lecture to the student, I let them give feedback and treat them as an equal. This way they develop an ability to think for themselves.

My first session is normally spent working out the best tutoring technique, how motivated the student is and what sort of ability they are. For example, in some cases I like to set small amounts of homework which actually help develop a deep understanding of the question, rather than bundles of questions that encourage method-learning repetition.

From here, each session can build on the previous and will depend a lot on the current progress of the student, upcoming examinations, strengths and weaknesses and how confident they are. In general though, I like to go through the content as fast or as slow as necessary, and then do some past paper questions with the student. Each session I will set an aim determined with the student and work towards that aim.

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