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Alicia L


Learning a new language can be hard and stressful but there’s always a way to learn a new language in a fun way.

Mandarin is not hardest language to learn in fact it is quite easy to learn. Most of the characters are from pictogram and as times passed and evolution, mandarin characters become much simpler and easier to learn. As for pronunciation, there are four different tones that you might find it difficult to pronounce in the beginning. You shouldn’t be worry about it as you can solve this problem with practice.

I have learnt mandarin at the age of 4. It is my first language in school since kindergarten till high school. I’m raised in a family that speak different languages such as English, Mandarin, Hakka and Cantonese (Hakka and Cantonese are both Mandarin Dialect). As I'm growing up, I’ve learnt Malay in school as well. If you wondering where I am from, I am a Malaysian. Malaysia is one of the ASEAN country where we have different races and different languages. Our common language between the people is English. I have learnt English, Mandarin and Malay in school for more than 12 years.

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