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Dan B

5 (4 reviews)

I have been teaching Mathematics - plus a little Geography - in Portsmouth secondary schools for the last 9 years and, during that time, have enjoyed great success in preparing students for those all important GCSE exams.

In addition to this, I have experience in assisting prospective University students in passing the new arithmetic skills tests required to begin teacher training at Portsmouth University.

I believe that an hour's tutoring on a regular basis can provide the opportunity to establish the specific subject areas where understanding is lacking and to enable students to iron out the little errors that are holding them back.

If your child is falling behind, preparing to sit GCSE/school entrance exams, struggling with the basics or, if you're an adult that feels that they should've done better in school and wants to improve basic numeracy, I can help you to improve and - more importantly - become more confident in Mathematics!


5 (4 reviews)
Jasmine E

Dan is an excellent maths tutor. My 15 year old son instantly took to him and his maths and confidence has greatly improved as a result. I highly recommend!

Jitu M

Has helped my son and made him more confident in maths since when Dan started teaching him in September.

Rebecca H

Excellent tutor, my daughters confidence in maths is improving. She understands areas she struggled with before and looks forward to the next lessons.

Georgia R

Currently undergoing tutoring with Dan and so far so good. I have been provided with lots of past papers and support and hope to achieve my goal of getting a C. :)

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