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Lucy L

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I have been teaching since 2011 and my main subject is Maths, although I am fully up to date with curriculum and requirements for History, Spanish and Latin as well. I have taught across the 11-18 age range and also at a range of abilities. I have previously tutored pupils in Latin and Maths, with very good results. I helped a year 13 pupil I tutored to pass his Mechanics exam and have helped year 11 pupils improve results from as low as an F on foundation up to a Grade C. I also have experience of assisting in a private school with Latin provision, which I undertook during University.


5 (1 reviews)
Dawn M

I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough!! She is very friendly, polite and always punctual. She explains methods and terms in a much clearer way that is helping to give my daughter a better understanding of maths and will hopefully give her more confidence in this subject.

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