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Tariq H

5 (10 reviews)

I gained my university degree in Sudan in Mechanical Engineering (5 years course) and that included studying Maths up to the fourth year. Mathematics has been my favourite subject since my secondary schools days. My passion for teaching started from my first year in university and I voluntarily worked as a Maths Teacher for two months every year during my university studies.

Since university, I have worked as a Mechanical Engineer, whilst continuing to work as Math teacher for private evening sessions. My passion for teaching led me to resign from my job as mechanical engineer and become a full-time Mathematics Teacher in a girls' high secondary school for nine consecutive years (1994-2003). At the end of 2003, I moved to live permanently in the UK and am now tutoring here.

Personally, I believe that mathematics could be the favourite subject for most students, if they have got the right teacher who is equipped with the knowledge and passion the subject requires. I can easily understand my students' needs and then come up with methods which make things look easy for them. I am highly experienced in dealing with students with different levels of ability in maths. I determine what levels my pupils are at and quickly work out how best to help them, by planning and implementing activities that can help them rapidly progress.

The maths curriculum in Sudan provides an excellent level of Mathematics for all students, from primary schools up to the universities, and when I add that knowledge and experience to my experience here in the UK, having taught GCSE and A level for a couple of years, I can firmly say my teaching has greatly enriched the learning of my students. My help can make a real difference in a short time and I would be happy to discuss this with potential learners or their parents.


5 (10 reviews)
Scott C

We are overjoyed with the progress our daughter is making many thanks ........excellent tutor.

Anderson B

Thank you very much Tariq my confidence is coming back. Very patient with me and explains in detail.

Reachel A

I realy appreciate mr tariq lesson with my son he make sure my son understand the difficulties he have in mathematics and son was very happy with him thanks alot mr tariq for your effort.u have done a great job for rateing for him is 9 over 10

Sajid M

My son is very happy with this tutor, as he explains well and is patient when my son doesn't understand. Very helpful for my son's helping maths GCSE.

Zahra A

He is great my son really enjoying a lesson with him

Darina L

Mr Tariq is one wonderful teacher who uses old and new techniques with teaching math. Also am very happy the way he lead my daughter forward. I would recommend this teacher to everybody. Thank you.

Sarah R

What wonderful and patience man Tariq is.
My 9 year old daughter was struggling with her maths she was lacking in confidence when ever maths were involved! Then we looked for a tutor not having done this before we was a little nervous but Tariq has given Hollie her confidence back she looks forward to him coming to tutor her each week and can't wait to show him what she has been practicing. And best of all her school work is improving as she now has the confidence to enjoy maths!!! X so thank you Tariq.

Jasmine K

Very good

Jasmine K

Tariq is great help to my son. He is patient and explains things in a manner which is easy to understand. My son feels he is learning lots with tariq and is gaining the confidence in maths.

Claire L

Very friendly and patient helping my son with confidence in maths week on week

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