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Hannah A


I have recently completed my BEd (Hons) Primary Education degree, which enables me to teach children between the ages of 3 and 11.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and its challenges as I have been able to develop my confidence as a teacher and broaden my understanding of pedagogy. As part of my degree, I have also completed a dissertation on mathematical mastery and supporting gifted pupils in Mathematics. Completing my dissertation has allowed me to consider how mastery is a useful approach to enable progress for all groups of children, through the achievement of greater depth in learning. I would try to apply this knowledge to my teaching of mathematics as a class teacher.

I believe that learning is a lifelong process, in which skills that would allow children to become functioning members of society, are crucial. As a teacher, I strive to encourage children to foster their curiosity about the world, in addition to what they are expected to learn as part of the National Curriculum.

Inclusion of all groups of pupil is central to my teaching. I believe that I can deliver high quality lessons that support the needs of all groups of pupils. Prior to and during my degree, I have found pleasure in teaching children across Key Stages 1 and 2, at distinct schools, in terms of pupil catchment and attainment. This included teaching at an outstanding school with a majority of pupils from a British white background and teaching at an inner city, underachieving school, where many pupils came from diverse backgrounds and had English as an additional language. I enjoyed my experiences at the different schools but particularly enjoyed making provision for those children who required more support with their learning. I aimed to encourage perseverance by developing an ethos of persistently trying hard to achieve within the classroom.

My experiences have been invaluable opportunities to teach children with a spectrum of diverse learning needs; including English as an additional language, autism, visual and hearing impairments and gifted and talented pupils. I have planned and adapted lessons to meet the individual needs of these pupils and enable them to progress in their learning through suitably differentiated activities and questioning.

Finally, I am enthusiastic about teaching and making learning accessible for all groups of pupils. I work hard to adapt my teaching based on assessment data and plan future learning to build on prior knowledge, whilst minimising barriers to learning. Also, I believe it is important to personalise learning to children and build up an ethos based on positivity towards learning, effort and persistence.

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