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Carlien D

5 (1 reviews)

Hello, my name is Carlien and I am currently undertaking a Masters Degree in Clinical Applications of Psychology at The University of Warwick. Prior to starting my course, I worked as a Teaching Assistant in a Pupil Referral Unit, providing learning support to young people with social, emotional and behaviour needs. My role required me to both support in teaching but also provide 1:1 sessions with students in Maths and English. I thoroughly enjoy teaching, especially Maths and have developed the ability to tailor learning to suit the individual needs of a student. I previously tutored some KS3 students in Maths and enjoyed stretching them to try higher level questions, with great results. I believe that learning is best when the student enjoys the learning experience, is free to make mistakes and is supported and encouraged. I always take the time to gage where the student is in terms of ability, but also think of what I can do as tutor to enable the student to learn in a way that best suits them. Having been tutored throughout my educational life from Primary –A Level, I have learnt that the best tutors are patient, encouraging and make learning fun; all qualities that I believe I can bring to every student I tutor.


5 (1 reviews)
Mitchell G

Always on time my daughter has just had an exam she is 12 years old within 3 months of this amazing tutor her grades has gone up her school teacher was so impressed that she has improved so much and so fast this is all down to this carlien I personally want to say a big thankyou for all your help
She is amazing very calm and my daughter now enjoys and finds maths fun
I highly recommend her
M green

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