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Sarah K

5 (2 reviews)

I am a UK registered and qualified pharmacist with immense passion for teaching. I endeavour to help each and every person I encounter in life to become aware of and rise to their utmost potential. I firmly believe that no thing is too difficult and no achievement is impossible, with a motivated student and a talented teacher every educational subject can become enjoyable and simple to comprehend.
I have privately tutored A-level and GCSE level Biology and Chemistry as well as helped students in the age range 10-15 years to excel in all three physical sciences for their SATs and GCSE exams.
I have great patience especially when teaching is concerned. This is because I care for the students progress as though it was my own. I am able to adapt my teaching style accordingly as every being understands and perceives concepts in a distinct manner. This is a quality that allows me to stand out from other tutors - the ability to quickly identify and fill gaps in knowledge in ways that are interesting and easily understood.
Subjects I enjoy teaching most are Biology, Chemistry and Psychology.


5 (2 reviews)
Tara E

Sarah has helped me so much to become more confident in the topics that I felt weakest in. She made sure that I understood the topic before moving on to the next one and also answered any of my questions (even the weirdest ones) to do with the topics. I highly recommend this tutor as she helped my understanding aswell as my confidence for my upcoming GCSE exams.

Babur B

With the few lessons that I have had with Sarah, she has refined my understanding of Arabic, starting with the very basics, rather humbling.

Sarah, is very easy to communicate with and the bilateral diagloue between pupil and teacher is amazing.

In simple terms she is an astounding teacher.

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